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On 24 March 2018 (5 pm), the Krakow Choreographic Centre will host the presentation of the 8th ?3? 2? 1? Dance!? Choreographic Competition entries. The evening will feature the presentation of eleven competition choreographies (see below). The following night at 6 pm, the Krakow Choreographic Centre will hold the awards night and the premiere of Jestem miłością [I Am Love] by Barbara Bujakowska, Daria Kubisiak, and Marcin Janus.


Venue: Nowa Huta Cultural Centre, al. Jana Pawła II 232.



1. STONEWALL INN (solo, Poland)

choreography, dance: Jarosław Mysona

duration: 6 min

Stonewall Inn is a place of revolution, fulfilment of a fantasy, freedom, but can HE feel safe there? STONEWALL INN is not just a picture of a young, closeted inhabitant ofGreenwich Village in New York?s district of Manhattan. It’s not just an attempt to hide from a ubiquitous offensive. In his eyes, you can see stories that become universal and refer to all of us.


2. harMOnizaTION (duo, Poland)
choreography, dance: Marta Jakimicha, Paulina Spiel
duration: 8:40 min
As a result of searching for various forms of stage movement, dancers create one organic creation. The risk of motion research taken is provided by a revealing, temperamental picture. We will notice domination, sometimes accentuated with aggression, but also with humility and submission, all closed in a balanced partnership that endows them with organic expression.
3. Form 01 (solo, Poland)
choreography, dance: Damian Drozd
duration: 6 min
Exploring new areas of space through the body. The body as a medium for such qualities as: frequency, animation, shape, and a space composed of: dimensions, levels, layers, restrictions. Searching for the basic form ? a supremacy of movement.
 4. Between you and me? (duo, Poland)
choreography: Anna Sawicka-Hodun
dance: Szymon Tur, Patrycja Sulik
duration: 7 min
Between you and me a young relationship… a confrontation…  between you and me a short exchange of views…
5. Melancholy (solo, Poland)
choreography: Jakub Lewandowski
dance: Dominika Wiak
duration: 6 min
It is difficult to contribute anything permanent when being aware of the colourless surrounding reality. Everything that fate brings us comes from fantasies. A place between presence and absence, emptiness and excess.


6. Pulso (solo, Portugal)
choreography, dance: Maria Rita Nogueira
duration: 4 min
?Pulso? is a solo that represents all people who have a steady hand in different situations. There are many challenging occasions on which we need to resist, and even resist strongly. ?Pulso? describes all people who live this lifestyle/way of life.
7. Birches (duo, Slovenia)
choreography:April Veselko
dance: April Veselko, Rebeka Hanžel
duration: 9 min
Birch is a tree of a distant promise, forever young and agile, but infinitely grieving. She offers consolation in solitude, softens the edges and melts the border between the sky and the earth. Forgetting all memories, having no expectations, this is not a story, it is only a flash of now and here, or never and nowhere.
8. No, where (solo, Poland)
choreography: Paulina Będkowska, Monika Małycha
dance: Paulina Będkowska
duration: 5:40
The most difficult thing is to escape from yourself. No matter how fast you run, you will always see your own back.
9. COSMO (duo, Poland / Japan)
choreography, dance: Zuzanna Pruska, Yoh Morishita
duration: 9 min
The performers are asking questions: why is today’s world so divided by us-people, why do we impose so many restrictions, rules and boundaries on ourselves? Seeking answers, they place themselves not only as cosmopolitans, but they enter a completely different abstract reality as a cosmonaut. By changing the point of view, looking at everything from a distance, the answers begin to appear themselves …

Performance COSMO is a compilation of thoughts and observations about the reality that surrounds us. Creating the surrealistic, futuristic world, artists invite the audience to individual interpretation and (self)reflection.
10. Für Roman (solo, Poland)
choreography, dance: Monika Witkowska
duration: 5:23 min
Passing, constancy, movement, time. ?In eternity nothing passes away, but everything is the present?.
11. Moira (duo, Poland)
choreography: Ilona Gumowska
dance: Emilia Biskupik, Sara Kozłowska
duration: 9 min
In Greek mythology Moira is the incarnations of destiny, controlling the mother thread of life of every mortal from birth to death. She is independent, at the helm of necessity, directs fate and watches that the fate assigned to every being by eternal laws might take its course without obstruction. The question is: can one escape from destiny and create his life on one’s own?




We invite you to participate in a discussion with the jurors and creators of performances after all presentations.



Seemingly, the individual has not changed.

He is keeping the social connections, still working.

But, there is something different, something intangible that separates him from his loved ones.

As if he were from a different world, instead of standing on the same ground as the others.

The change is sensed but not really noticeable.


Schizofrenia,  Antoni Kępiński


concept: Barbara Bujakowska, Daria Kubisiak

choreography: Barbara Bujakowska

performance: Barbara Bujakowska, Daria Kubisiak

music: Marcin Janus

duration: 30 minutes 

tickets: PLN 25 (available online at )


Barbara Bujakowska is a dancer, performer, graduate of the Institute for Dance Arts / Anton Bruckner University in Linz (BA / performance in dance) and P. F. P. at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD). She is the winner of the 1st prize in the ?Dolina Kreatywna? competition held by TVP2, which she received for her solo Swan?.like. A laureate of scholarships from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (2009), and the Art Stations Foundation (Solo Projekt 2008, Alternative Dance Academy, 2009), she has collaborated with such artists as Teresa Ranieri, Rebecca Murgi, Nigel Charnock, Kaya Kołodziejczyk, Daniel Landau, Isabelle Schad, Towarzystwo Gimnastyczne, Teatr Maat Projekt. Bujakowska lives in Cracow, organizes dance classes for children, youth groups and the elderly. She creates pieces at the intersection of theatre, dance, and performance. Some of her most important works include: Śniło mi się, że pozostał po nas pusty pokój (2013), ID- ance (2013) and Dying Swan (2015).



Daria Kubisiak was born in 1989. A graduate of Polish Philology and performance studies at the Jagiellonian University, she currently studies theatre direction at the Faculty of Drama Directing at the Stanisław Wyspiański Academy of Theater Arts in Cracow. As a playwright, she made her debut with Reduplication at Łaźnia Nowa in Cracow. As a dramaturge, her debut came with the performance Opole 0/4 (dir. Jakub Skrzywanek) at the Jan Kochanowski Theatre in Opole (she was responsible for the dramaturgy of part III: Współczesny pomnik Opola). She is the co-author and director of the installation Kartoteka rozrzucona 2.016 (Grotowski Institute in Wrocław). Together with Katarzyna Peplińska, she created the performance Chór Performatyków [Performers? Choir] (Cricoteka 2016, Teatr Nowy in Cracow 2017), which was awarded honorable mention at the 2016 Young Directors? Forum. She is a holder of the Scholarship of the City in Krakow (2016) in the field of literature. She realized a performative game at the Mieczysław Porębski Library at the MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Cracow, in which players were able to drift through the library either on their own or collectively, without guide. A co-founder of the ?Antyteren? artistic collective (with whom she developed such projects as Dzień Cudów  [The Day of Miracles] and Antyteren ? każdy teren jest nasz   [Anti-terrain: Every Day is Ours], presented at the 3rd Kołłątaj Art Review in Dolne Młyny (2016)), she is also the member and co-founder of the Pracownia Dramaturgiczna AST Krakow studio (under the guidance of Iga Gańczarczyk; implemented projects include ?archives//lab?, ?Another Theater? ).



Marcin Janus is a Cracow-based sound and multimedia artist, electronic and elecroacoustic music composer. For many years he has been involved with original artistic projects. He composes (and oftentimes performs) music for numerous dance and theatre performances. Working at the intersection of various art forms, he builds complex sound environments. When creating his projects, he aims to bring about immersive performances, imbuing the world and thought with unique sound phenomena and providing a wide range of sense impressions. In his creative process he concentrates on the timbral properties of sound, examining its basic characteristics and often seeking its reflection in movement and images, and gives new meaning to these phenomena by arranging them in musical space. He works in digital media, most often using Ableton Live and Metasynth as well as midi controllers, which provide unique musical possibilities that result in the wide sound palette of his music. In his technology-based work, one can hear the juxtaposition of recordings and organic sounds with synthesized hues of an often dynamic quality. He started out as a musician in experimental groups, and after several years began working as an independent composer. He was the recipient of an Art Stations Foundation grant within the Solo Project program, and a finalist in the composer competition held as part of the John Cage Year in Lublin 2012. He has also gained experience as a course participant and recently as part of the GrupLab Studio of Electroacoustic Music at the Academy of Music in Krakow, where he has taken part in numerous artistic projects. In addition to regular appearances in Poland, he has also performed in London, Lisbon, Turin and Frankfurt.






3…2…1…DANCE! is a choreographic competition held annually since 2011. The competition showcases solo works, duos, and trios based on broadly defined contemporary dance techniques. The basic aim of the competition is to develop the professionalism of contemporary dance, and to support dancers and choreographers who seek their own artistic language and unique approach to composition. The competition confronts their work with a professional jury. Preselected participants can also expect a discussion of their work with the jury and with the audience ? you are very welcome.


Competition jury: Gwyn Emberton, Małgorzata Haduch, Agata Moląg, Jacek Przybyłowicz

Prize pool: EUR 3,100 + additional in-kind prize (workshops at the Contemporary Dance Festival SPACER 2018).

3 x 1st prize: EUR 500
3 x 2nd prize: EUR 300
audience award: EUR 300
Grand Prix: EUR 400



24 March:


25 March:


Notice: the number of seats in the audience is limited.



Customer service/box office
phone no.: 12 644 02 66 extension 55


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