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The Institute of Music and Dance in collaboration with the Centre for Comparative Studies of Civilisation of the Jagiellonian University are pleased to announce the international academic conference ?Re-writing Dance Modernism,? which will be held on 21-22 September 2018 at the auditorium of Collegium Novum at the Jagiellonian University. The conference will be an attempt at devising a new perspective on the history of modern dance. Traditional histories of modern dance have been focused on its preeminent centres: Germany and the United States. Still, modern dance was a to a large extent an international, if not transnational, phenomenon, involving artists of different origins who were almost incessantly on the move between cities, states, and continents. It is precisely this movement that will be the focal point of our debates, which will feature researchers from Poland, the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Israel, Slovenia, Croatia, and the Czech Republic. They will each present local (yet constitutive) contexts of the phenomenon, the contexts of dance modernism. The list of speakers includes, among others, Susan Manning (Northwestern University, Chicago), Matthew Isaac Cohen (Royal Holloway University of London), Susanne Franco (Universit? Ca’Foscari Venezia), Marion Kant (University of Pennsylvania), Lucia Ruprecht (University of Cambridge), and Małgorzata Leyko (Unviersity of Lodz).



We publish the conference programme below:


FRIDAY, 21.09.2018

10.00 ? Opening


Transnational Trajectories of Dance Modernism

Susan Manning ? Toward a Transnational History of Modern Dance

Hanna Raszewska-Kursa ? The 1st International Competition of Artistic Dance in the Press (Announcements, Reports, Summaries). Consequesces of Naming

Q&A session



Rewriting German Dance Modernism

Marion Kant ? Flexible and Inflexible Histories. An Examination of Some of the Early 20th Century Categories of Modern Dance

Susanne Franco ? Ausdruckstanz Facing History. Reenacting the Past

Q&A session

13:45-14.30 ? lunch break



Central European Dance Modernism?

Rok Vevar ? Devil in the Village: The Modern Dance in Ljubljana Between the Wars

Jitka Pavlisova ? Czech Dance Avant-garde in the Context of Dance (R)evolution at the Beginning of the 20th Century

Andreja Jeličić, The Burden of Berlin Gold ? Reclaiming Croatian Dance History Between the Wars



Exoticism, History, Body

Matthew S. Cohen ? Exoticism, Itinerancy and Self Fashioning in the Making of European Modern Dance

Hana Umeda ? History Embodied ? Reconstructing Sada Yacco?s Dance

Q&A session


SATURDAY, 22.09.2018



Modernist Gestures

Lucia Ruprecht ? Re-writing Dance Modernism from the Perspective of Gesture

Q&A session



Towards Transnational Approach to Indian Dance

Ann David ? Transcultural Migrations: Indian Dancer Ram Gopal and European Modernist Dance

Aleksandra Chmiel ? Navarasa: Analytical Tool from Sanskrit Aesthetics in a Trans-national Dance

Q&A session



Jewish & Israeli Roads to Dance Modernity

Roy Waks ? Modern Dance Practices in Early Zionist Folk Dance: Leah Bergstein?s Choreography for the Kibbutz Settlers in Palestine/Israel

Agata Chałupnik ? Jewish Tango and the Question of Identity

Q&A session


14:30-15:15 ? lunch break


15:15 ? 16:45

Teaching and Learning Across Borders

Małgorzata Leyko ? Transcultural Cross-over: Polish Dance (1918-1939)

Claudia Fleischle-Braun ? Meeting Places and Transnational Lineages of Aesthetic Practices and Teaching Methods of Free Dance & Modern Expressive Dance in Europe

Q&A session



Identities and contexts

Anita Makuszewska ? The Art of Choreography: Ailey and Grigorovich, the Influence of Slavery and Totalitarian Regime on Ballet Theatre

Iwona Wojnicka ? Meaning and Context of Modernism in the Works of Pola Nireńska

Jadwiga Majewska ? Female Solo ? Subjectivity, Identity, Consciousness, Independence

Q&A session



The conference will be held in English. Interpretation to Polish will not be provided.

Admission to the conference is free, without prior registration.  The organisers reserve the right to change the conference programme. 

The organisers are planning to publish a bilingual volume of conference proceedings.




Conference website:


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