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Body Is (Not) Enough is the motto of the 4th KRoki International Festival of Contemporary Dance to be held in Małopolska Garden of Arts (MOS) in Cracow (12 Rajska St.) on 13?22 May 2016.This year, the festival will highlight two aspects of contemporary art of dance. It will present artists and companies who use the latest interactive technology and those who focus on the body and its abilities, demonstrating new, dazzling dance techniques. For the first time, the programme will include two Polish premieres, including a MOS production Digital Garden 2016, created by the MOS technical team and guest dancers. The other premiere, Tomasz Bazan?s Solar Plexus, is a work inspired by Stanisław Lem?s novel Solaris. Interactive performances will include a surprising poetic performance The Miracles of the Night by The Symptoms company and choreographer Réka Szabo from Hungary.


The festival presentations will also include three other foreign pieces: Darwintodarwin by the famous Johannes Wieland; Ann Van Den Broek?s The Black Piece, the best dance performance in the Netherlands in 2015; and OCD Love by the festival?s youngest star, Israeli choreographer Sharon Eyal and LEV company.


The programme will also feature Krakow Dance Theatre?s Nesting choreographed by Idan Cohen, Monika Kiwak?s workshops MAŁE KRoki / SMALL KRoki (for children) and (NIE)ZWYKŁE KRoki / (UN)USUAL KRoki (for blind and visually impaired persons), as well as meetings with artists and dance performance screenings.


Katarzyna Bester is the festival curator.



KRoki 2016 ? curator?s text by Katarzyna Bester


According to Iwona Kempa, festival director and MOS artistic manager, ?KRoki is a true feast for the fans of dance and theatre, a surprise for the fans of interactive actions in space; it presents technology in the arts, as well as the beauty and perfect nature of the human body?.




All performances start at 7 pm in the audience hall of the Małopolska Garden of Arts (MOS), 12 Rajców St.


13 May (Friday)

 Digital Garden 2016 (MOS, Poland, Cracow) ? premiere



Regular: 35 PLN (seats I), 25 PLN (seats II)

Discount: 20 PLN (seats I), 15 PLN (seats II)


15 May (Sunday)

The Symptoms/Réka Szabo: The Miracles of the Night (Hungary)



Regular: 45 PLN (seats I), 35 PLN (seats II)

Discount: 30 PLN (seats I), 25 PLN (seats II)


17 May (Tuesday)

Tomasz Bazan: Solar Plexus (Poland) ? premiere



Regular: 35 PLN (seats I), 25 PLN (seats II)

Discount: 20 PLN (seats I), 15 PLN (seats II)


18 May (Wednesday)

Johannes Wieland: Darwintodarwin (Germany)



Regular: 55 PLN (seats I), 45 PLN (seats II)

Discount: 40 PLN (seats I), 35 PLN (seats II)


19 May (Thursday)

Krakow Dance Theatre: Nesting (Poland)

Free admission


20 May (Friday)

Ann Van Den Broek: The Black Piece by WArd/waRD (Netherlands)



Regular: 65 PLN (seats I), 55 PLN (seats II)

Discount: 50 PLN (seats I), 45 PLN (seats II)


22 May (Sunday)

LEV Dance Company/Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar: OCD Love (Israel)



Regular: 65 PLN (seats I), 55 PLN (seats II)

Discount: 50 PLN (seats I), 45 PLN (seats II)





Workshop for blind and visually impaired persons (NIE)ZWYKŁE KRoki / (UN)USUAL KRoki


The organisers invite blind and visually impaired persons to experience the beauty of contemporary dance, the contact with their own body and another way of existing in space. The workshop aims at increasing the participants? confidence and expanding their range of movement by teaching a short choreographic routine and improvisation. The classes will end in a presentation of the participants? work. Teacher: Monika Kiwak


14 ?15 May, 4?7 pm

18 May, 6?9 pm

21 May, 4?7 pm; presentation of work at 7 pm


Free admission



Workshops for children MAŁE KRoki / SMALL KRoki


The children will learn the basic elements of contemporary dance while exploring their individual and favourite ways of movement. They will become familiar with the inspiring rules of movement composition that are flexible enough to encompass play, creativity and individual expression. Teacher: Monika Kiwak


21?22 May


Age groups

3?4 years: 10 am?10.45 am

5?7 years: 11 am?12 noon

8?10 years: 12.15?1.30 pm


Free admission



Film screenings (MOS cinema hall)


14 May, 7 pm

The Symptoms Dance Company: Árnyékfilm Shadow Movie and Gyászfilm Mourning


16 May, 7 pm

Days for Dancing and Days for Dancing Out, films based on Tomasz Bazan?s performance, dir. Patrycja Płanik


Days for Dancing is a long-term project of Tomasz Bazan, in which he arranges individual meetings with people to jointly create a dancing space. The unique dramaturgy of such events is born at the moment of meeting. The choreography happens only once, and remains the responsibility of the dancer and the guest he is meeting.


Free admission, registration required


19 May, 5.30 pm

 The Co(te)lette Film (2010), dir. Mike Figgis


The film, based on Ann Van den Broek?s performance, presents three women who use body language, erotic movement and sounds to invite the audience into their world.


Free admission, registration required


More information on the events





Reservation: tel. 12 424 45 28, 12 424 45 25

Małopolska Garden of Arts (MOS) box office opens one hour before the events that require tickets.

Juliusz Słowacki Theatre box office in Cracow (1 Św. Ducha Sq., 31-023 Cracow) open Monday 10 am?2 pm, 2.30?6 pm; Tuesday?Saturday 9 am?2 pm, 2.30?7 pm; Sunday (on show days) 3?7 pm


Free admission for film screenings; registration required at:


The Festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland.


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