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The Nowa Huta Cultural Centre (NCK) and the Krakow Choreographic Centre (KCC) are holding an evening of 3?2?1?DANCE! competition presentations on Saturday 12 March at 5 pm at the KCC Studio in Cracow (NCK, al. Jana Pawła II 232). The audience will see 13 choreographic pieces created by young artists. On Sunday 13 March at 6 pm, the centre will host a presentation of works by competition winners, a prize ceremony and the premiere of Mourners, a performance by Around Centre Group, choreographed by Agata Moląg. For a detailed programme and descriptions of pieces, see below.



3?2?1?DANCE! Choreographic Competition programme 12 March


1. Inner Place, choreography, dance: Dominika Wiak

The impulse to create Inner Place was the need for a sense of freedom and the ability to be alone.


2. On Ice This Thin, choreography: Agnieszka Borkowska, dance: Jarosław Mysona, Wiktoria Zawadzka

Do we talk about the most important issues only through poetry? Because these two do not know poems. They are funny.


3. Homogemony, choreography, dance: Ewelina Drzał-Fiałkiewicz

When one?s personality is built with different, contradictory features, each of them tries to dominate.


4. I Am Wife and I Am Scorned, choreography: Malcolm Sutherland, dance: Teresa Royo Sanchez, Gianmarco La Rocca

As the lyrics say (in Italian), she feels bound to him even though she knows he is not faithful.


5. Pagan Poetry, choreography: Yohan Zeitoun, dance: Yohan Zeitoun, Magdalena Skowron

Pagan Poetry is a piece about dealing with loneliness.


6. A Step Towards?, choreography, dance: Enrico Paglialunga

No barriers, no walls, just movement as a necessary part of human beings.


7. MAT-X, choreography, dance: Klára Ešnerová, Štěpána Mancová

Data MAT-X has become part of us. Is it possible to escape from this encrypted formula?


8. Bordóság, choreography, dance: Anita Barabás

The inspiration for the piece was Thomas Bernhard?s play Ritter, Dene, Voss. It is built on images and moods.


9. Sirenade, choreography, dance: Zofia Tomczyk, Krystyna Szydłowska

Only dead fish go with the flow.


10. Symptoma, choreography, dance: Fabian Fejdasz

Despite struggle with the disease, it progresses, it runs the whole body, bringing it to a critical state.


11. #DBRMPP, choreography, dance: Katarzyna Gorczyca, Oskar Malinowski

“Do I… do… I mean did I have sex with you? Just asking.” The duo is inspired by Dorota Masłowska’s play A Couple of Poor, Polish-Speaking Romanians (the name of the piece is an acronym of the Polish title).


12. Talk to Me, choreography, dance: Paweł Zaufal

Openness to others and sincerity are incredibly difficult and they occur very rarely. Therefore, please talk to me…


13. 5dm3, choreography, dance: Anna Kaminska, Patryk Durski

5dm3 is the image of a dynamically constructed network which is produced during the meeting of a man and a woman.


Competition jury: Karolina Garbacik, Leszek Bzdyl, Agata Moląg, Jos Baker.


Tickets: 15 zł



About Mourners:



Losing breath.

Such a life.

Such a disappointment.

Sometimes you just don?t want to talk to anyone.

Sometimes the pain?s too strong.

Things happened, you can?t change that.


And let others live.

Professionally. Show off.

Lament. Hysteria. Weeping.

Oh my!


You worry sometimes if your life means anything? What will be left after you?re gone? And who will cry after you? Don?t worry! Will be done. Such.


dancers: Agata Moląg, Monika Świeca, Marta Wołowiec

concept and choreography: Agata Moląg

premiere: 13 March 2016 at the 3…2…1…DANCE! Choreographic Competition


More about Around Centre Group:



Please note: the number of seats is limited.

Tickets: PLN 25



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tel. 12 644 02 66 ext. 55



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