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Dzoe by Harakiri Farmers opens tomorrow, 23 November, at 8.00 pm! The premiere takes place in Cracow (Bunkier Sztuki Plac Szepański 3a), at Audio Art Festival; it was created as part of the Institute of Music and Dance’s “Agon. Programme of Music and Choreographic Commissions”.

The Greek word dzo? means a simple thing – life common to all living creatures, bare life.

But what does “bare life” mean today?

Harakiri Farmers (Wojciech Klimczyk i Dominika Knapik) join forces with composer Aleksandra Gryka to create a dance solo inspired by Giorgio Agamben’s deliberations on the status of bare life in the contemporary world. Knapik and Gryka have already collaborated on the performance Not I (the first prize (Tucan Off) in “”Off Stream” of the 32th Review of Stage Songs). Sounds of the Knapik’s dancing body will be an important part of acoustic space. Registered live and mixed with a ready-made composition, they will create an intimate, acoustic and kinetic portrait of bare life.

idea/directed by: Wojciech Klimczyk

composition and live sounds: Aleksandra Gryka

choreography and dance: Dominika Knapik

premiere: 23/11/2012 Audio Art Festival

Premiere co-financed by the Institute for Music and Dance, as part of ”Agon. Programme of Music and Choreographic Commissions”.

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