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This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Cracow Theatrical Reminiscences. This anniversary will be highlighted by the ?subtitle? of the festival: 40 Off CRT, and the new logo. The festival will shed light on its roots through ?retrospective? exhibitions and activities illustrating the stories of the most important performances of the past 40 years. The aim of the festival is to draw attention to the contemporary ?avant-garde underground art ? by tracing the roots of theatre, i.e. ritual and ceremonies, actively involving the spectators. The festival will constitute a kind of confrontation with the culture of institutional theatre, combining visual arts with spoken word, movement and music. The new formula of the event has been proposed by Ana Nowicka and Monika Kufel, founders of the Barakah Theatre.


The festival will begin on Monday, 12 October (3 pm) with a presentation of Planetary Dance in Błonia Park. The project is an annual worldwide event initiated by eminent dancer and improviser Anna Halprin. Resembling an actual dancing ritual, the event may be joined by all interested parties ? dancers will be accompanied by drummers from Philadelphia. Planetary Dance will be led by Iwona Olszowska, Marta Pietruszka, Katarzyna Skawińska, Natalia Iwaniec, and Paulina Wysocka. Music: Poet AF Black & Ankh Orchestra featuring: Ankh Nans and Bryan Green. Anna Halprin will also be featured in Americano with Jadwiga Majewska, a lecture on Halprin which will accompany the screening of Returning home (15 October, 2 pm, Barakah Theatre).

The programme also includes performances by Cracow-based Japanese artist Miho Iwata, who will present her interdisciplinary performance project Invisible city (13 October, 5 pm, Archeological Museum). The idea behind her project touches upon the redefinition of identity of the place (city). The artist strives to find places around the city which are important to her, and (re)create their memory, history, along with their present condition and potential, as well as the symbolical vector of change. Iwata?s compatriot, Berlin-based Yuko Kaseki will present her solo butoh piece Shoot Jeez My Gosh? (16 October, 8 pm, Rotunda). Kaseki?s performance takes on the ambivalence of helplessness against the systemic violence and brutal terror of modern-day world. On 14 October (noon), Bunkier Sztuki will host a panel with both artists.


Prior to the performance, the Barakah Theatre will screen El Sue?o Del Ginko by young Argentine artist Jade Sirkin (6 pm). Sirkin?s film is an abstract journey into one?s mind, presented in the form of ephemeral video-art created in collaboration with Argentine butoh dancer Rhea Volij.


The Festival will also include the presentation of Kud Ljud Theatre?s performance Streetwalker. In the spirit of Marcel Duchamp, everyday city elements will become works of art. Road signs, broken windows, abandoned objects, all the nooks and crannies of the Podgórze neighbourhood turn into works by Picasso, Sasnal and many other talented artists. This interdisciplinary project of the Slovenian art collective Kud Ljud expands the idea of ?ready-made? by using existing everyday elements of the city. Performances will be presented in Galeria Sztuki na Polu on 16 October (2 pm and 5 pm) and 17 October (noon, 3 pm).


Admission to the meetings is free upon reservation of seats.


Detailed information on the events:


Planetary Dance ? Dance in the name of peace

Miho Iwata: Invisible city

Coffee Japanese style with Miho Iwatą and Yuko Kaseki

Americano with Jadwiga Majewska ? a lecture on Anna Halprin and screening of ?Returning home?  

El Sue?o Del Ginko ? Jade Sirkin?s film premiere and Rajel Matsili?s lecture

Yuko Kaseki: Shoot Jeez My Gosh?

Kud Ljud Theatre: Streetwalker




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