Cultural exchange, joint activities of artists, producers and dance researchers with an emphasis on the creative process and integration with local communities: these are the main objectives of the “Dancing Together, Again!” creative residencies programme. They will be pursued by the National Institute of Music and Dance and its international partners as part of the Creative Europe programme. The call for applications will begin in January 2023.

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The National Institute of Music and Dance together with the Arts Research Institute of Georgia in Tbilisi, Movimento Danza in Naples and TRAFIK Dance/Theatre Company in Rijeka will organize creative residencies from 2023-2024.

Their aim will be to create a new framework and network for the exchange of ideas, methods of creative action between dance professionals in Poland, Georgia, Italy and Croatia. In particular, the project will focus on audience development through direct contact with local communities. The organizers rely on a slow-paced approach in their activities, which provides ample time for building relationships among participants, creative practice, immersion in the process and a deep understanding of dance.

“Dancing Together Again” is a dance project implemented for the first time by the National Institute of Music and Dance under the Creative Europe program involving European funds. This is a watershed moment in the life of the Institute, as it opens up new perspectives for supporting art and artists and building even stronger relations with artists and organizations abroad, which will result in new outcomes in the artistic, research and organizational fields, while also translating into an increasing presence of Polish dance and Polish artists abroad, says Karol Urbański, deputy director of the National Institute of Music and Dance. In artistic and social terms, it is a chance for dance people from Poland, Croatia, Georgia and Italy to get to know each other and exchange experiences. I wish them all a productive time, adds Urbański.

Who can participate in “Dancing Together, Again!”?

The project is addressed to all people involved in dance who work in one of 3 groups:
– artist/artist – choreographers and dancers ,
– curator/curator – producers, organizers and presenters,
– researcher/researcher – philosophers, theorists, historians, critics, documentarians and kinetographers.

Participants in the residency will be selected in the course of calls for applications organized in 4 partner countries. Applications should include a resume, a portfolio and video presentation.
There are no restrictions based on age, cultural background or special needs. The organizers will provide participants with space for creative work, accommodation, food and stipends, while also covering transportation costs

“Dancing Together, Again!” – how will the residencies be structured?

The residencies will be held in each of the 4 partner countries: Georgia, Croatia, Italy and Poland.

Residency Schedule:

  • Arts Research Institute of Georgia in Tbilisi, Georgia, May 29-June 17, 2023. The topic will be the study of audience development models. Participants will collect data from interviews with the community. They will then creatively transform their responses into their own artistic statements.
    Curators: Prof. Dr. Levan Khetaguri and Prof. Dr. Iuri Mgebrishvili
  • TRAFIK Dance/Theatre Company, Rijeka, Croatia, September 4-23, 2023. The theme will be sustainability as seen through the lens of dance and performing arts. Participants will develop a joint strategy for environmental protection, with a particular focus on the Adriatic Sea region.
    Curators: Toni Flego and Žak Valenta
  • Movimento Danza, Naples, Italy, March 4-16, 2024. The main theme will be inclusivity of dance and performing arts, among others intergenerational, intercultural and “inter-ability.”
    Curator: Gabriella Stazio

During each residency, Polish participants (one from each category) will work together with representatives of the partner countries in groups of 12, implementing the theme of the residency through creative activities.

As part of these activities, all of them will meet with local communities, including people of different economic status, belonging to different ethnic and religious groups and diverse in age, both citizens of the countries of residence and immigrants. They will also meet with people with disabilities and those excluded in terms of access to culture.

At the end of the project in 2024, all participants and attendees of the previous residencies will present their work during a residency in Poland, which will also mark the project’s finalefestival.

The entire project will be documented through videos, an online blog and in social media.

The Residency is organized by the National Institute of Music and Dance, Arts Research Institute of Georgia w Tbilisi, Movimento Danza in Naples, and TRAFIK Dance/Theatre Company in Rijeka. Financed by the European Union. The views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Executive Agency for Education and Culture (EACEA). Neither the European Union nor the EACEA is responsible for views and opinions expressed throughout the project.


Project coordinator:
Mateusz Czekaj:, +48 785 430 000

Media contact:
Agata Szymczak:, +48 785 310 000

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