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On 23 February (7 pm) Gdańsk’s Club Żak presents the first piece developed by the winners of the Residency/Premiere 2014 competition for the best idea of a performance of contemporary dance in its broad sense. The competition aims to support and promote contemporary dance/contemporary ballet. Three dancers – Katarzyna Kania, Daniela Komędera and Piotr Stanek – have been given the opportunity to turn their idea into a concrete production – Zrabowali mi składaka [They’ve nicked my folding bike] – with the help of two prominent choreographers and dancers of Croatia –Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld and Pravdan Devlahović.

I’ve got nothing, yet I’m in control over my time. What’s a barrier for you is an emblem of freedom for me. I’d never chose a life that would require me to pretend. I can’t fight my addiction to fun. Unleash your imagination and join me!

This is a story of one day. The audience watches a parallel world of absurd unfold before their eyes, witnesses the limitless possibilities of human imagination that is able to make up an independent reality. The piece looks at homeless people from a different angle, seeing them as free and independent.

(From the dancers’ materials)

Zrabowali mi składaka[They nicked my folding bike] – Residency/Premiere 2014
Katarzyna Kania / Daniela Komędera / Piotr Stanek
concept, choreography, performance: Katarzyna Kania, Daniela Komędera, Piotr Stanek / artistic collaboration: Alesandra Janeva, Pravdan Devlahović / music: Oleg Dziewanowski / costumes: Magdalena Kowalczyk / premiere 23 February 2014, Club Żak / produced as part of the 2014 Gdańsk Dance Festival/ 35 minutes

Katarzyna Kania(Poland) is the final year student of the Ludwik Solski Academy for the Dramatic Arts in Kraków (Faculty of Dance Theatre in Bytom); she has also studied at the Kibbutzim Collage of Education in Tel Aviv and the VSMU in Bratislava. She is a founding member of the international dance theatre group Little:interference (2012), which has won the Złota Maska [Golden Mask] Silesian theatre award for Heimsuchung/Nawiedzenie. The piece has been shown at international festivals in Germany, Russia and Hungary. Kania has danced in Jacek Łumiński’s choreographies.

Daniela Komędera(Poland) is the final year student of the Ludwik Solski Academy for the Dramatic Arts in Kraków (Faculty of Dance Theatre in Bytom); she has also studied dance at the University of Humanities and Economics in Łódź. She is a founding member of Little:interference, and author of Speed dates (shown at the Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoleto, and winner of the audience award at the festival “Na bosaka po trawie”), along with Conductividad, and Dziewczynka z zapałkami [The LittleMatch Girl] created at the Tanz Medien Akademie in Weimar. She has danced in the oratory Pamiętnik z Powstania Warszawskiego [A Memoir of the Warsaw Uprising], choreographed by Maciej Florek, and in Storm Piece of the Intermedia Performance Group Palindrome at the Deutsche Nationaltheater in Weimar.

Piotr Stanek(Poland) is a member of the Złocienie Folk Dance Group, final year student of the Ludwik Solski Academy for the Dramatic Arts in Kraków (Faculty of Dance Theatre in Bytom), seven-time participant of the “Na Bosaka” Polish Contemporary Dance Workshops in Połczyn Zdrój, and winner of the audience award in the Polish finals of the 2013 Eurovision Young Dancers. He has danced in Enclave 4/7, a choreography by Roberto Olivan.

Artistic collaborators:
Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld(Croatia) has graduated from the school for contemporarydance in Zagreb and dance academies in Brugge and Lier (Belgium). She has had a scholarship with the Jennifer Muller dance company in New York and Dance web in Vienna. She has worked withBADco (Zagreb). Her first piece 4, has won the Grand prix Tendances in Luxembourg.

Pravdan Devlahović(Croatia) is one of the founders of the performance collective BADco (Zagreb). He has collaborated with choreographers such as Irma Omerzo (MARMOT), Sandra Banić-Naumovski, or Selma Banich (OOUR). In 1995-1999 he studied the Cunningham technique with Kilina Cremony. He teaches dance at the Academy of Drama Arts in Zagreb.


You may book and buy tickets at Club Żak’s box offices on weekdays at 3-9 pm, and on Saturday and Sunday at 4-9 pm. Inquiries:; tel. +48 58 344 05 73 or 58 345 15 90 (ext. 117). Ticket returns are not accepted. Number of seats limited. Seats are numbered. Recording and/or photographing during events held at Club Żak is strictly prohibited.

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