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On Sunday, 6 April (7 pm) Gdańsk?s Club Żak (al. Grunwaldzka 195/197) will debut solos from the winners of the Residency/Premiere 2014 competition for the best concept of a broadly understood contemporary dance piece. The competition aims to support and promote contemporary dance/contemporary ballet. The solos were developed by young dancers, Liwia Bargieł and Hygin Delimat, who were coached by excellent choreographer and dancer, Martin Sonderkamp of Germany.


About the pieces:


Liwia Bargieł: LOVE SONG

Inspired by Sylvia Plath, the performance reveals a spectrum of emotional fluctuations of the lyrical I and is an intimate farewell to the material world, an epitaph describing subsequent stages of Plath?s development as her condition worsened. It is nevertheless not a funeral work: Love Song recalls Sylvia Plath?s lively, vibrant spirit, her tragic sensitivity. It interprets the poet?s inability to balance her emotional pendulum, which drops down in the finale, ceasing to strike any more rhythms and accents.

concept, choreography, performance: Liwia Bargieł / artistic collaborator: Martin Sonderkamp / music: Anita Dębowska / costume and stage design: Martyna Kander / based on: Mad Girl?s Love Song by Sylvia Plath / premiere 6 Apr 2014, Club Żak / produced as part of the Gdańsk Dance Festival 2014 / 20 minutes 

Hygin Delimat: FOR LIVING IN  

A machine for living in ? dubbed Plattenbau, wielka płyta, panelák, large-panel system building has been a loose interpretation of Le  Corbusier?s idealistic propositions. Today, thousands of people exist crowded in narrow spaces, side by side, yet anonymous and disconnected. Blocks of flats stand for lack of communication, lack of perspectives, boredom and alcohol, but also street art and powerful motivation to act in some. For living in is an expressive form conveying all these emotions and experiences.


concept, choreography, performance: Hygin Delimat / artistic collaborator: Martin Sonderkamp / music: Dominik Harrer / costume and stage design: Hygin Delimat / premiere 6 Apr 2014, Club Żak / produced as part of the Gdańsk Dance Festival 2014 / 20 minutes 




Liwia Bargieł  has graduated from the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London. After graduation she collaborated with the Warsaw Dance Theatre and created her own choreographies. Together with Magda Grabowska, she has set up the Mala duo. She is the author of choreography for Ce formidable bordel and Joanna Szalona, królowa [Queen Joanna the Mad].

Hygin Delimat (Poland/Austria) is a performer and dancer active in Central Europe. He graduated from the Anton Bruckner University in Linz in contemporary dance and dance pedagogy. He danced for Elio Gervasi, George Blaschke, Willi Dorner, Liv O?Donoghue, and Robert Clark. He also creates his own choreographies inspired by street forms of expression (hip hop, graffiti, electronic music) and somatic approaches (Feldenkrais). 

Martin Sonderkamp (Germany) is a dancer and educator specialising in improvisation. He has performed at the leading festivals of Europe, the USA, Russia, Asia and Brazil. He has also been awarded a multitude of culture scholarships for his dance achievements. He has collaborated with choreographers such as Sharon Smith, Amanda Miller, or Katie Duck, and made many guest appearances in Amanda Miller?s Pretty Ugly Ballett Freiburg.

Full price ? PLN 25/ university students and holders of Karta do Kultury ? PLN 15 / primary, middle, and secondary school students ? PLN 10 / holders of Karta Wielodzietnej Rodziny ? PLN 5 / holders of Karta Tancerza ? PLN 3

You will be asked to present a document entitling you to a concession at the box office.

You may book and buy tickets at Club Żak?s box offices on weekdays at 3?9 pm, and on Saturday and Sunday at 4?9 pm. Inquiries:; tel. +48 58 344 05 73 or 58 345 15 90  (ext. 117).  Ticket returns are not accepted. Number of seats limited. Seats are numbered. Recording and/or photographing during events held at Club Żak is strictly prohibited.

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