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On 10-11 February 2018 (7 pm), Klub Żak in Gdańsk will host the premiere of Anna Achimowicz and Anna Haracz’s Strings & veins. The presentations will be held as part of the Tricity Dance Point cycle. The piece has been developed by two artists who employ completely different dance and music aesthetics in their work. Inspired by rock music and aesthetics, Anna Achimowicz practices contemporary physical dance, while Anna Haracz is a contemporary dancer and improviser who also uses voice while traversing the regions of spirituality and poetry. The two have created a piece that clashes two divergent but mutually complementary worlds. Together, the artists contemplate the tangents of strings and veins, pondering on which elements of musical styles may be applied in choreographic work.


Authors? note:

Inspired by broadly conceived rock music, we engage two polar opposites of the same field of art: guitar music. Rock (strings) and sung poetry (veins) will come together in one performance. Expressive, codified, and choreographically composed contemporary dance will be combined with contemplative improvisation, developed ?here and now.? The body will be treated not only as a medium for dance but also as a musical instrument. The guitar will act as a portable prop, structuring the dramaturgy of the piece. The performance is an homage to the artists who have created multi-dimensional and timeless music, such as PJ Harvey, Alice Cooper, Nick Cave, Laurie Anderson, Glen Hansard or Jacques Brel.






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