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Out/Cool fire of the Baltic Dance Theatre, choreographed by Izadora Wiess, will have its premiere on Saturday, 23 February 2013. Out was premiered in 2010 and was repeatedly preformed in the original form of a two-act evening. This time Izadora Weiss decided to get the essence out of the performance and present it in a shortened version to make the message about values prevailing in the world of outsiders more visible. Music to this poetical performance has been condensed, and dancers of BDT filled it with additional interpretation. The theme of the Death wandering about among people and from which there is no escape, even being outside, became more dominant in this version, and woman bewailing those who left even though they were loved so much is one of the most shocking dance theatre scenes ever. The second part of the evening is a new choreography of Izadora Weiss which she called Cool Fire.

Weiss used again music by Nigel Kennedy, this time inspired by Jimi Hendrix’s compositions and style. The message of the performance is that all divisions between people are external, such as classifications, styles and ideologies. The ritual foundation of dance allows us to reject those external forms and discover the community which is able to reconcile the opposite elements and make a salutary synthesis.


musicby Gustavo Santaolalla, Sainte-Colombe, Edin Karamazov, Antonio Vivaldi, Armand Amar, Marin Marais, Tan Dun, Alexandre Desplat

choreography byIzadora Weiss

set design byHanna Szymczak

Cool fire

music byNigel Kennedy / Jimi Hendrix

choreography byIzadora Weiss

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