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The Grand Theatre in Łódź has prepared a true feast for ballet lovers ? an evening presenting the works created by world-famous dancer, teacher and choreographer Martha Graham, and by the legend of Polish ballet Henryk Konwiński. Their choreographies will appear on Grand Theatre stage for the first time. The premiere will be held on Saturday 18 June 2016 at 7 pm, followed by the shows on 19 June at 7 pm and 21 June at 6.30 pm.


The Rite of Spring and Krzesany form a two-part evening with excellent choreographies complemented by ballet music by two prominent composers, Igor Stravinsky and Wojciech Kilar. Inspired by the beliefs and rituals of pagan Ruthenia (The Rite of Spring) and the unique character of the Polish highlander folklore (Krzesany), the two artists created magnificent works which have different styles and atmospheres but also have something in common: a return to the roots, to folk tradition and fascination with what is important and invaluable in national cultures ? identity and originality.


The Rite of Spring choreographed by Martha Graham premiered on 28 February 1984 at the New York State Theater. It captured the critics? attention and won the audience?s hearts. Along with the same piece choreographed by Maurice Béjart, it became a model of contemporary ballet language and of modern interpretation of the ?old? themes.


Henryk Konwiński reached for Kilar?s music once again. The first Krzesany with his choreography was featured in the ballet performance Ad montes ? Tatra Ballets at the Silesian Opera in Bytom in 1994. It proved that Kilar?s music is very popular and highly appreciated. And when it becomes the source of inspiration for a choreographer with great imagination and brilliant ideas, such as Konwiński, the result is always moving and impressive.




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About The Rite of Spring by Martha Graham

Henryk Konwiński about Krzesany



The Rite of Spring


music: Martha Graham

choreography: Martha Graham

restaging: Maurizio Nardi, Ben Schultz, Denise Vale

music direction: Tadeusz Kozłowski

stage design: Edward Morris

costumes: Pilsar Limosner

assistant costume designer: Elżbieta Panek-Szewczyk

light direction: Grzegorz Policiński

producer: Łukasz Mitka






Nazar Botsiy

Mateusz Kubiak


Chosen One

Alicja Bajorek

Minori Nakayama



Gintautas Potockas

Witold Biegański

Jakub Jóźwik

Yukihiro Minamizawa





Izabela Barbacka

Walentyna Batrak                                          

Lydie Boutefeux                                             

Claudia Elvetico   

Karolina Jaremko         

Ekaterina Kitaeva-Muśko                                                                                                             

Laura Korolczuk   

Ewa Kowalska-Brodek   

Kinga Łapińska     

Monika Maciejewska-Potockas                                                                                                                     

Matylda Molińska                                         

Riho Okuno                                                     

Sakurako Onodera

Luna Othnin-Girard

Hannah Sofo

Bogumiła Sołek



Witold Biegański

Wojciech Domagała

Yuki Itaya

Jakub Jóźwik

Tomu Kawai

Wiktor Krakowiak-Chu

Mateusz Kubiak

Yukihiro Minamizawa

Gintautas Potockas

Dominik Senator

Arthur Stashak

Koki Tachibana



 Orchestra of the Grand Theatre in Łódź




music: Wojciech Kilar

choreography: Henryk Konwiński

assistant choreographer: Grzegorz Pajdzik

music director: Tadeusz Kozłowski

stage design: Ireneusz Domagała

light direction: Grzegorz Policiński

producer: Łukasz Mitka





Hoary Fog


Monika Maciejewska-Potockas                                 

Gintautas Potockas




Jakub Jóźwik/ Nazar Botsyi/ Koki Tachibana


Vocal solo


Arkadiusz Anyszka  




Valentyna Batrak/ Claudia Elvetico/ Ekaterina Kitaeva-Muśko/ Laura Korolczuk


Alicja Bajorek/ Izabela Barbracka/ Lydie Boutfeux/ Karolina Jaremko/ Libia Kobus/ Ewa Kowalska-Brodek


Kinga Łapińska/ Matylda Molińska/ Minori Nakayama/ Riho Okuno/ Sakuro Onodera/ Luna Othnin-Girard/ Hannah Sofo, Bogumiła Sołek, Adrianna Stępień


Witold Biegański/ Grzegorz Brożek/ Wojciech Domagała/ Yuki Itaya/ Tomu Kawai/ Mateusz Kubiak


Dawid Kucharski/ Wiktor Krakowiak-Chu/ Jak Łukasiewicz/ Yukihiro Minamizawa/ Krzysztof Pabjańczyk/ Dominik Senator/ Kyrylo Shcherban/ Arthur Stashak/ Ryo Takaya



Orchestra of the Grand Theatre in Łódź and students of Feliks Parnell State Ballet School


Music director and conductor: Tadeusz Kozłowski




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