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?Can you persevere in your strive for the fulfilment of your dreams? Do you stick to your own individual path in spite of adversity, or do you rather let yourself be intercepted?? ? asks Wojciech Mochniej in his most recent performance Intercepted/Przechwycone, created in cooperation with Kielce Dance Theatre.


The premiere is coming on April 25, at 7 pm on the Main Stage of Kielce Dance Theatre. The performance was produced in cooperation with the Institute of Music and Dance within the Choreography commissions 2019 programme.




Intercepted on the way towards the goal?


Intercepted/Przechwycone touches on the subject of the way to the goal, that can be our dreams, ideas and passions. How to preserve our individuality and our needs on the path to fulfilment, when adversity, pressure, expectations, relationships, situations, stories, coincidences that INTERCEPT us on the way to our goal, divert us to other tracks.


The premiere?s choreographer ? Wojciech Mochniej ? poses an important question: can you persevere in your strive for the fulfilment of your dreams?


The first inspiration for the choreographer was hockey ? the fastest team game with its unpredictability after capturing the puck. The performance was created with the use of ideas and dreams of the dancers that perform in the piece, which made it authentic and organic. The choreographic images depict the determination of the characters who have self-esteem and cannot be intercepted. It also depicts the power of the masses, the mainstream, which swallows the weaker, undecided individuals. The choreographic composition reflects the colour and duality of the personality. It reflects the way people carefully enter into the crowd and relate with the mass so as not to lose oneself, one?s goals, dreams, ideas and passions ? although it is not easy, it is worth persevering!

In order to balance the immense amount of emotions, the performance will also include a humorous element, based on the improvisational task for dancers. In the finale of the performance, the audience will be able to see who managed to persevere and remain true to themselves and their values, and who was intercepted by the crowd, situations, history, thus giving up themselves and their dreams.


Choreographer?s biography:

Wojciech Mochniej ? dancer, choreographer and pedagogue. In 1991-1994 he was a dancer with the Silesian Dance Theatre. Since 1995, he has taught at the dance faculty of the School of Creative and Performing Arts, University of Calgary (Canada). He has collaborated with such artists as Anna Sokolov, Talley Beatty, Mark Haim, Stephanie Skura and Risa Jaraslow, among others. He also appeared in numerous productions by Alpo Aaltokoski (Finland), Avi Kaiser (Belgium/Israel), Paula Ross, Davida Monk, Tania Alvarado and Peggy Baker (Canada). As an improvisation artist, he honed his skills under, and collaborated with, many outstanding improvisers such as Ray Chung, Chris Aiken, David Dorfman and Martin Keough. He was also a member of the Theatre Junction Company of Artists (Calgary) and a pedagogue with Decidedly Jazz Danceworks. Together with Melissa Monteros, he founded the Gdańsk Dance Theatre and the Gdańsk Contemporary Dance School (1994-2001). In 2002, Gdańsk Dance Theatre changed its name to W&M Physical Theatre and relocated to Calgary, Canada. Since 2000, W&M Physical Theatre has presented its performances in Canada, Poland, Austria, Estonia, Finland, Germany, France and Italy, among others. Mochniej?s solos have been presented in Canada, Finland (Full Moon Dance festival) and at major Polish stages and festivals. Mochniej was also a resident at the Anton Bruckner University in Linz, Austria and at numerous festivals in Poland and abroad. He has contributed choreographies to the Polish edition of ?You Can Dance?. The ?Dance Europe? magazine deemed his solo Just po prostu as the best performance in the ?Male Dancer? category. A laureate of the City of Gdańsk and the City of Lublin prizes for contributions to contemporary dance in Poland. In 2018, he choreographed  We_selle, developed in collaboration with the Institute of Music and dance as part of the programme Choreographic commissions 2018.


Choreography: Wojciech Mochniej

Music: Wojciech Frycz

Light design: Grzegorz Pańtak

Set design: Maciej Miernik

Costumes: Aleksandra Machnik

Production: Kielce Dance Theatre and Institute of Music and Dance

Cast: Małgorzata Boruń, Alicja Horwath-Maksymow, Małgorzata Kowalska, Anna Jamioł, Katarzyna Lipiec, Pamela Paprota, Anna Piotrowska, Joanna Polowczyk, Marta Rolska, Marta Starostecka, Anna Szczotka, Arkadia Ślósarska, Izabela Zawadzka, Małgorzata Ziółkowska, Sandra Zybała, Kacper Czyż, Krzysztof Dziarmaga, Szymon Pacholec, Dawid Pieróg, Tomasz Słomka, Aleksander Staniszewski, Mateusz Wróblewski


Tickets: 40-50 PLN, 28 PLN (commission) online purchase.

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