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Komuna//Warszawa will host the premiere of Zrób siebie (Make Yourself), a performance conceived and choreographed by Marta Ziółek, who will be accompanied by five performers. The show will inaugurate the next edition of the Przyszłość (Future) project in the 2016 season. This edition is dedicated to ?real utopias?.


Make Yourself begins with a workout, orders and body sculpting. The experiment involves five performers with stage names High Speed, Coco, Lordi, Glow and Beauty. This experience is guided and moderated by Ziółek as Angel Dust. The plot is set somewhere between a workout gym, a techno party and a corporate church of mindfulness.


Make Yourself is a utopia that creates its own style, language and sexuality. A process of constant transformation of identity that is never completed. It is a kind of a trip that changes the body into a machine. Individual bodily monologues are intertwined with hybrid group workout and trance practice including rave, kundalini yoga, latino flow and dancehall.


Make Yourself is a gang that constantly creates and transforms itself to the music of Lutto Lento.



The premiere will take place on Friday 20 May 2016 at 7 pm, with more shows on 21?22 May at 7 pm at Komuna//Warszawa, 30/32 Lubelska St., Warsaw.



Concept and choreography: Marta Ziółek

Creation and performance:

Agnieszka Kryst ? Beauty

Ramona Nagabczyńska ? Coco

Robert Wasiewicz ? Glow

Paweł Sakowicz ? High Speed

Katarzyna Sikora ? Lordi

Marta Ziółek ? Angel Dust


Dramaturgy: Anka Herbut

Music: Lutto Lento

Photography: Witek Orski, Dawid Grzelak

Video and visual art: Krzysztof Bagiński

Costumes: Marta Ziółek

Stage design: Dominika Olszowy

Production manager: Dominik Skrzypkowski

Production: Komuna//Warszawa


Marta Ziółek is a choreographer and performer. She studied at the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) in Amsterdam and was a student of an inter-faculty humanities programme at the University of Warsaw. In 2013, as part of RE//MIX programme, she realised a project for Komuna//Warszawa, Ciało Oko (Body Eye) inspired by the art of American artist Carolee Schneemann. In 2011 Ziółek received the prestigious Dance Web scholarship at the ImpulsTanz Festival in Vienna. She took part in the young choreographers? platform Europe in Motion in 2012, and  received a scholarship from the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts in 2013. Her recent projects include Black on Black, inspired by a series of black paintings by Alexander Rodchenko and exploring the idea of black choreography at Hetveem Theatre in Amsterdam and the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. She has developed choreography for Ewelina płacze (Ewelina Is Crying), a performance for TR Warszawa theatre. Together with Alex Baczyński-Jenkins, she has created ?em, a new space for creative work in Warsaw. In her pieces, Ziółek tests performative limits and focuses on expanding the field of choreographic practice. Applying an interdisciplinary approach, she explores the boundaries between visual arts, performance and choreography.


Real Utopias


The Realne utopie (Real Utopias) series (2016) completes the three-year Przyszłość (Future) project which involves Komuna//Warszawa and invited artists exploring different aspects of futurology in the arts. The ideas, tensions and processes that will determine the shape of future, are probably already born; you just need a visionary approach to be able to see, explore and name them. This is what the artists invited to the programme were asked for. And so, the series Przyszłość Europy (The Future of Europe, 2014) included Europa. Śledztwo w choreografii (Europe. An Investigation in Choreography) by Magda Jędra, Iza Szostak and Weronika Pelczyńska; Bohaterowie przyszłości (Heroes of the Future) by Markus Öhrn; and Terry Prattchett. Nauki społeczne (Terry Prattchett. Social Sciences) by Komuna//Warszawa. The series Przyszłość ciała (The Future of the Body, 2015) resulted in [?,] by Agata Siniarska, Arystokraci (Aristocrats) by Chotkowski/ Hueckel/Śliwiński/Węgłowski group; and Diuna 1961. Opera mówiona. Fragmenty (Diune 1961, Spoken Opera. Fragments) by Komuna//Warszawa. In 2016, the artists focus on real utopias, telling stories set in, for example, 2089, when today?s authors of performances and the audience will no longer be here. Will the utopias turn out to be futurological fairy tales, a record of dreams or a distorted reflection of today?s world? With the help of artistic powers, the margin of freedom and unrestrained creation, we attempt to look into the future we are bound not to see.


Make Yourself opens the Real Utopias series. It is a play with the idea of utopia, focusing on identity that will never stop changing. In the autumn this year, Wiktor Ruin and Grzegorz Laszuk will present their visions of utopia.




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PLN 25, discount PLN 15, available before the performances in 21 and 22 May



 (please collect the tickets not later than 30 minutes before the shows on 21 and 22 May)


The project received financial support of the Warsaw City Office and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Warszawa logo 2 w 1 (miniaturka) Logo MKiDN angielskie (miniaturka)

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