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On 23 January, at 6.00 pm, we would like to invite you to an introductory lecture dedicated to works by Constanza Macras aThe lecture features excerpts from her performances. As part of cooperation between Zamek Culture Centre and the Institute of Music and Dance, the lecture will be streamed on-line, on the Institute’s website ( and (

Four parts of the lecture:

  1. Dance, diversity and drama.
  2. Urban culture as landscape of Constanza Macras.
  3. Collaboration with Thomas Ostermeier.
  4. Openness to everything: Romani as the theme, subject and issue.

Constanza Macras – one of the most important contemporary choreographers, born in 1970 in Buenos Aires (Argentina) where she studied contemporary dance and fashion design. She continued her education in New York and Amsterdam. She moved to Berlin in 1995. In 2003, she formed the Constanza Macras | DorkyPark group, composed of dancers, actors and musicians representing various countries and generations. In her works, Constanza addresses social and political issues, translating them into a language which combines word, live music, dance and video. Her performances are shown regularly in Berlin: at Hebbel am Ufer, Schaubühne and Volksbühne. Her performances also featured at numerous European festivals or toured, e.g. in Korea, Japan and the United States. 2008 brought her Goethe-Institut award for the performance “Hell on Earth”, while in 2010 she received the German theatre award Der Faust for the best choreography in “Megalopolis”. So far, she has twice visited Poland, with “Big in Bombay” at the 7th Body/Mind Festival in Warsaw (2008) and with “Hell on Earth” at the 2nd International Theatre Festival Warszawa Centralna (2010).

dr Thomas Irmer – theatre critic, living in Berlin. Lecturer at the Freie Universität. He regularly writes for: Theater heute (Germany), Didaskalia (Poland), Maska (Slovenia), Shakespeare (Norway). He published books on Frank Castorf, the theatre of Eastern Germany and Luk Perceval.

Lecture in English, with Polish interpreting.

Interpret: Artur Zapałowski.

organizer: Zamek Culture Centre

partner: Institute of Music and Dance

curator: Marcin Maćkiewicz

more information about the performance and the programme # you are not unimportant to me:

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