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On Tuesday and Wednesday, 4-5 June, Clod Ensemble is presenting Zerodirected and choreographed by Suzy Willson at Sandler’s Wells in London. Among the Clod Ensemble’s performers there are two Polish artists, Ramona Nagabczyńskaand Maciej Kuźmiński. The show was enthusiastically received in Brighton and at Mayfest Festival in Bristol. After London, Clod Ensemble is taking Zero to Malvern (7 June, Forum Theatre, Malvern Theatres, 7 pm).

Commissioned by Sadler’s Wells and produced in association with Fuel, Zero is a turbulent mix of dance, music and visual theatre, featuring an explosive cast of ten performers and seven musicians. The live band includes cello, accordion, guitar, drums, vocal and leading UK musician Annie Whitehead on trombone and the legendary US blues harmonica legend Johnny Mars.

Harnessing the emotive power of blues music evoking the sultry atmosphere of the storm-lashed American Deep South,Zero is a world where nothing is certain – where women can be tigers and men can be snakes. Families, marriages and friendships are laced with sibling rivalries, frustrated desires and murderous ambitions. Heavens open and lives fall apart. Here, we are all at the mercy of the stormy weather. At least we can still sing the blues.

Clod Ensemble has been making performance work that pushes the boundaries between art forms for over 15 years, led by choreographer/director Suzy Willson and composer Paul Clark.

Direction & Choreography by Suzy Willson
Music by Paul Clark
Lyrics by Peggy Shaw and Paul Clark
Designer Sarah Blenkinsop
Lighting Designer Hansjorg Schmidt

Musicians: Johnny Mars, Hazel Holder, Christopher Allen, Ian Watson, Annie Whitehead, Vanessa Domonique, John Evans, Desmond Neysmith

Performers include: Sarah Cameron, Elizabeth Mischler, Zoe Bywater, Ramona Nagabczynska, Uri Roodner, Alessandra Ruggeri , Robert Bell, Maciej Kuzminski, Antonia Grove, Karima El Amrani

Commissioned by: Sadler’s Wells and Brighton Festival in partnership with South East Dance

Supported by: Research supported by Jerwood Studio at Sadler’s Wells and Shoreditch Town Hall.

Funded by: Leche Trust, The Hinrichsen Foundation and PRSF.

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