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On Tuesday, 26 November 2013, Krzysztof Żuk, mayor of Lublin, Joanna Szymajda, deputy director of the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw, and Aleksander Szpecht, director of the Centre for Culture in Lublin, signed a letter of intent on the development of educational and artistic projects in the field of dance, and in particular on joint organisation of the Polish Dance Platform in Lublin on 7-9 November 2014.

The Polish Dance Platform aims to seek out and promote the most interesting original dance productions made in Poland or by Polish choreographers. To date, Poznań’s Zamek Centre of Culture and the Arts Stations Foundation have made three editions of the showcase happen: in 2008, 2010 and 2012. In 2013 the two institutions made an agreement with the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw which made it the main organiser of the event.

“Education by means of dance is very attractive, and increasingly popular, as well. Lublin has become a pilot location for projects of this kind. Another agreement with a national culture institution goes to show that we are a good partner. This letter of intent is very important for the promotion of our city,” said the mayor, Krzysztof Żuk.

The Platform’s future editions will have a new format and will be taking place in important culture centres across Poland in association with local dance communities. It is open for all contemporary and classical dance professionals. They will compete to take part in a three-day showcase of the best works. The 2014 jury gathers ten members: artists, journalists, curators and dance theoreticians from across Poland.

The Polish Dance Platform will take place on 7-9 November 2014 in Lublin. We already look forward to welcoming all dance lovers and professionals interested in Polish choreography to this beautiful city!

As always, the final showcase will be an occasion to invite festival directors, managers of dance institutions, journalists and dance curators from across Europe, the USA and Asia. We believe that this will open up new opportunities for Polish artists to be present on the international scene.

Organiser: Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw

Partner: Centre for Culture in Lublin

Info: press materials of the Lublin City Hall

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