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The Lublin Dance Theatre together with the city’s Centre for Culture are holding a meeting of Aerowaves’ experts: directors, curators and top specialists in dance and theatre from across Europe, who are going to spend four days watching, discussing and selecting what they consider the best choreographies to be promoted across Europe next year. The meeting, gathering over 40 participants, is supported by the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw.

In conjunction with the meeting, on 24-26 October (8 pm), the Centre for Culture in Lublin is hosting presentations of dance performances by Edyta Kozak of Warsaw, Lublin Dance Theatre, Contemporary Dance Group of the Lublin University of Technology, and Justyna Jasłowska.

Aerowavesis a network of dance specialists from 34 different European countries, who meet every October to look at the work (on DVD), of young choreographers resident in Europe. Each year Aerowaves receives around 400 applications – by the end of the annual meeting a priority list of 20 companies is compiled. Many of these works are presented in the Aerowaves Spring Forward festival hosted each year by a different partner, as well as in many other venues and festivals of new dance in Europe.

Already next month, on 6-11 November, choreographies selected by Aerowaves experts last year will be shown at the 27th International Dance Theatres’ Festival.

More about the performances:

Edyta KOZAK/ Roland ROWIŃSKI Dancing For You Longer Than One Minute

Lublin Dance Theatre The Story we have never told – chor. Simone Sandroni

Contemporary Dance Group of Lublin University of Technology opium – chor. Anna Żak

Jasłowska/Dymiter/Franczak – Josepine Baker/Rhytms of Resistance

Tickets for performances may be bought at the Centre for Culture’s box office:

ul. Peowiaków 12

Ticket for a single night: PLN 20 or 30

Ticket for three nights: PLN 40 or 60

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