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At the turn of June and July, Lublin will welcome dancer and choreographer Anna Steller, who will arrive from Tricity to have a residency as part of the “maat festival – border line 2013”. For 11 days the artist will be working on her new solo at the “maat studio” in Lublin. Like the rest of the residencies, her work will be video recorded for Patrycja Płanik’s documentary.

As part of her residency, on29 June (2 pm),Anna Steller will run another open dance lesson in the “maat festival” series – Lesson 4 – on the roof Lublin’s Victoria Hotel. The session is open to everybody; the only requirement is a sports outfit. Please register in

On5 July (7 pm)the programme’s curator, Tomasz Bazan will host a meeting with Anna Steller at Lublin’s cafe KAWKA (ul. Okopowa 9). The discussion will revolve around dance, body, what dance is and what it is not, and the condition of Polish contemporary dance. The meeting will also be recorded by Patrycja Płanik – her “maat festival – border line 2013” documentary will be shown in December 2013.

During the residency, when at the studio, in the public space, at home or out of doors, I will be consciously filling my time with various tasks. Getting home from the studio will be a mindful journey devoted to the observation of the surrounding reality: I will look out for any changes that may take place around. It will be a kind of meditation, living the time instead of watching it flow, focusing on details which normally slip you by. I will become an object influenced by the outside world and shaped by it. Maximal candour and truthfulness in everything I do will become my watchword for the time.


Anna Steller’s blog:


The year 2013 is a turning point for the curator programme “maat festival” as it transforms itself into an international residency programme and becomes a specific “home of dance” where we will be able to meet guest artists the whole year long, with their residencies lasting throughout the year and culminating in December 2013. This elaborated formula makes the programme a precedence in Poland. Each residency will vide recorded to present the guest artist, creating a body of unique film material.

maat festival – border line 2013
Idea/conception: Tomasz Bazan (programme’s curator)
Multimedia/video: Patrycja Płanik
Production: Ksenia Duńska
Technical support: Maciej Połynko, Karol Rębisz
Cooperation: Barbara Szymańska, Małgorzata Drozd, Maciej Rukasz, Dominika Płanik, Matylda Chmielewska

Tomasz Bazan’s programme Maat Festival is financed by the Culture Centre in Lublin and the Maat Projekt Theatre.

Partners: Lublin Town Hall/ Culture Centre in Lublin / Maat Projekt Theatre

Honorary patrons of “maat festival”: Mayor of Lublin and Marshall of the Lublin Province

Media patrons:,

Supported by: cafe SPÓŁDZIELNIA Lublin, Victoria Hotel

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