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From 4 to 15 November 2013 Lublin is hosting the eighth and last artist-in-residence participating in the all-year-round residency programme “maat festivalborder line 2013”. Mikołaj Mikołajczyk, excellent dancer and choreographer, is the creator of the famous Tryptyk [Triptych]:Waiting,Z Tobą chcę oglądać świat [With You I Want to Watch the World],Plasir d’amour.

The choreographer about his work at the Maat Studio of The Centre for Culture in Lublin:

The original title of the project – Lutosławski … jesteś kimś kogo kiedyś znałem [Lutosławski … You Are Somebody I Used to Know] – was born out of my reflection about the consequences of some bizarre and unexpected situations which have occurred in my life. A month ago I was disgracefully and brutally stripped of my faith in people, my faith in friends, my faith in a normal and predictable world. In a time of trial, I was drifting alone on a rough sea of mercy and good will of people I am dependent on. The state of permanent emptiness and lost faith in friendship made me decide to explore the issue.

In a sociological context, friendship is strongly linked to enmity. A common enemy very effectively binds two friends together. Friends have the tendency to exaggerate vices of the people they share a dislike for and to ignore their virtues. My friend is half of my soul, said Horace, my friend my second self, said Theophrastus of Eresos. And so I set out on a quest looking for trust, loyalty, sympathy and honesty, looking for my second self, a friend.

Take part in “a physical meeting with dancer Mikołaj Mikołajczyk” organised as part of the residency, on 12 November at 4:30 pm. According to the artist’s on specification, “to participate in the meeting you need the following aids: a 20 cm blue exercise ball by Togu available from retailers of physical therapy equipment at about PLN 20 (I am not a shareholder in the above company), a belt or string, a sleeping mat or a simple exercise mat”. To participate you also need to register beforehand by e-mail to

Also on 12 November, at 7 pm Mikołaj Mikołajczyk will talk to Tomasz Bazan about what dance is and what it is not, and where the current developments in the art of dance should be placed. The conversation will be video recorded by Patrycja Płanik for her film documenting all 2013 residencies; the film will be premiered in December during the 5th Maat Festival “border line 2013”.

MAATFESTIVAL‚ border-line’ 2013

Idea/conception: Tomasz Bazan (programme’s curator)
Multimedia/video: Patrycja Płanik
Production: :Maria Sapeta
Technical support: Maciej Połynko, Karol Rębisz
Cooperation: Barbara Szymańska, Małgorzata Drozd, Maciej Rukasz, Dominika Płanik, Matylda Chmielewska, Małgorzata Bartkiewicz, Ksenia Duńska

Maat Festival, curated by Tomasz Bazan, is financed by The Centre for Culture in Lublin and the Maat Projekt Theatre.

Honorary patrons: Mayor of Lublin and Marshall of the Lublin Province
Media patrons:,
Supported by: Caffe Spółdzielnia Lublin, Hotel VICTORIA Lublin, caffe Kawka Lublin, Dom Żołnierza Lublin

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