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Today, at 7:30 pm, the Centre for Culture in Lublin (Sala Widowiskowa, ul. Peowiaków 12) hosts the premiere of Difference and Repetition (Różnica i Powtórzenie), the latest piece from Maciej Kuźmiński, whose two other works

Room 40 and Maciej Kuźmiński have been shown in Lublin this year.


Difference and Repetition

We return where we never were.


Difference and Repetition form a diptych which looks at the issue of identity from two perspectives ? individual and shared. Both shows draw on and refer to significant philosophical works Difference and Repetition by Gilles Deleuze and Repetition by S?ren Kirkegaard. The pieces display two different choreographic approaches as well as two different movement languages developed over the years by the author: Dynamic Phrasing and Floor Work.





The self-consciousness of an individual, the awareness of continuation and the ability to retain oneself within the always-changing life conditions are produced by the insights, feelings, judgments, memories and projections of a subject, which referrs to itself. Life creates differences and even if there is ?reproduction? it never forms identical beings. I am I, and I exist in only one copy.


1 + 1 = 11


But the world does not exist, it occurs.

Identity doesn?t exist. An on-going search does.



respect is repetition

repetition is respect

respect means to have a second look

to have a second look means a denial of the first look

as insufficient

repetition must turn against memory

for it is the same movement but in opposite directions

memory is the past, repetition is the hope

for the change of fate


1 + 1 = 11


We return where we never were.


Difference and Repetition

Choreography: Maciej Kuźmiński

Dramaturgy: Adam Hypki

Lighting and sound: Michał Mackiewicz

Lighting technician: Marta Seredyńska

Costumes: Emil Wysocki

Repetition trio: Daniela Komędera, Zuzanna Kasprzyk, Maciej Kuźmiński

Difference solo: Maciej Kuźmiński

Executive producer: Maria Marcinkiewicz-Górna

Consultant: Dr Mariola Sułkowska

Produced by: Lublin Dance Theatre; Centre for Culture in Lublin; Dance Theatre Department in Bytom, a division of the Ludwik Solski Academy for the Dramatic Arts in Krakow (PWST); Municipal Culture Centre in Zduńska Wola

Sponsored by:  Lublin Dance Theatre

Running time: ca. 35 minutes (Difference) and ca. 35 minutes (Repetition)

Music in Repetition: Philip Glass Metamorphosis for piano





Tickets: PLN 20/ 30
Box office’s working hours: Mon?Fri, 10 am?7 pm, and for an hour before a show
tel. +48 81 466 61 40

Buy a ticket online >>>

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