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On Saturday, 16 August (7pm), at the Centre for Culture in Lublin (Main Performance Room, ul. Peowiaków 12), the Maat Project Theatre will present a preview of Bastion, inspired by The Stand by Stephen King and Europa w obliczu końca [Europe in the face of the end] by Professor Marcin Król.


About the performance:

Return to the culture becomes an unreachable human dream. Artists are an unique and exceedingly rare commodity. In the face of the End a new system and new values emerge. Daniel and Super Adam ? an artisan of culture regime ? meet at the joint of their paths and together create a new manifesto. Emanations of Béjart, Bausch and Niżyński appear in a single container. The post-festivity persists.


We admitted that the people are not rational in their actions or ? at least ? are only sometimes rational, an effect of both their personal traits and the build of the world itself. However they are not stupid and they thirst for knowledge about both their current and future situation. That is why they would readily ? if without any pleasure ? listen to all those news boiling down to a single simple statement: in the foreseeable future it shall not get any better.

Marcin Król, Europa w obliczu końca [Europe in the face of the end]




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Free admission
Free entry tickets are available at the box office of the Centre for Culture from 21 July to 14 August.

The box office is open from Monday to Friday from noon to 5pm, and for an hour before the event.


director: Tomasz Bazan; choreography and dance: Tomasz Bazan and Tomasz Fabiański; dramaturgy: Enzo Abe and Tomasz Bazan; video and design: Patrycja Płanik; music: Marcin Janus; tech: Maciej Połynko and Karol Rębisz
production: Maria Sapeta ? Centre for Culture in Lublin, Maat Festival ? Maat Project Theatre, Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage


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