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I don’t start by creating movement. I don’t start with an experience of movement to develop. I start with an idea that has movement inscribed within. / Simone Forti[1]


From 1 to 19 October the Labirynt Gallery 2 in Lublin (ul. Grodzka 3) is presenting Przemysław Kamiński’s exhibition Some Other Things, inspired by Five Dance Constructions and Some Other Things (1961) by Simone Forti, American postmodern dance choreographer. The audience gathered to see Forti’s piece in Yoko Ono’s famous loft in Chamber Street, New York, witnessed a kind of movement installation in which dance has a similar presence as an object in a gallery. Viewers could watch the choreography from every side, thus ? as Forti stressed ? forming a direct link between the perception of their own and the dancers’ bodies. Just as her  other early pieces, Five Dance Constructions is an experiment stranded between visual arts and performance. 


Today Polish choreographer Przemek Kamiński is reworking and reinterpreting that choreographic material, creating his own “dance constructions” which ? just as in Forti’s piece ? exist above the conventional stage?audience division. His performance is a study of the way the body copes with the tasks it is given. The piece also draws the audience’s attention to the choreographic potential of objects: it explores the way an object may choreograph a body and the other way round. 


On the opening day, Przemysław Kamiński will present his performance. Admission by reservation only:


The exhibition is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 12?7pm. Admission free.


Przemek Kamiński is a performer and choreographer. He studies Dance, Context, Choreography at the HZT Inter-University Centre for Dance in Berlin. He has collaborated with Kirstine Kyhl Andersen (DK), Krzysztof Garbaczewski, Harakiri Farmers, Isabelle Schad (DE), Nicole Seiler (CH), and many more. His own pieces include the solo Die Reihe set to Witold Lutosławski’s music (Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw) and the duo#abyss.witchroulette (5th International Maat Festival in Lublin), a collaboration with Brazilian dancer and choreographer Korina Kordova and dramaturge Mateusz Szymanówk.


Przemysław Kamiński’s project is presented at the Labirynt Gallery 2 as a result of a competition for the best site-specific works.


concept, choreography, performance: Przemek Kamiński
video: Robert Mleczk
sound: Bartosz Dziadosz Pleq
supported by: HZT Berlin
special thanks to: Mateusz Szymanówka



[1] Source unknown. Translated from Polish by IMIT.

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