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The Lublin Dance Theatre is delighted to invite everyone interested to Susanne Linke & Renegade’s performance Ruhr-Ort. Ein Tanzfonds Erbe Projekt which will conclude the 19th Dance Theatres Festival. In 1991, Susanne Linke created her legendary dance theatre piece Ruhr-Ort; in it she focused on the men?s work in the steel factories and mines. Physical exhaustion became dance and formed impressive images of the world of labour in the old Ruhr region. The extraordinary choreography returned on stage. Susanne Linke is reconstructing Ruhr-Ort at Schauspielhaus Bochum together with the dancers of the Herner Street-Art Kompagnie Pottporus/Renegade. This will be a unique meeting between street art and dance theatre, between the old and the new Ruhr region, between dance history and contemporary urban art.


During the festiwal, the show will be presented twice, on Tuesday and Wednesday (11-12 November, 8 pm) at the Drop Forge (ul. Mełgiewska 7/9). 


choreography: Susanne Linke

dancers: Ibrahima Biaye, Alexis Fernandez Ferrera, Said Gamal, Janis Heldmann, Paul Hess, Lin Verleger, Victor Zapata

music: Ludger Brümmer

stage design: Frank Leimbach (Original), Berit Schog (reconstruction)

stage design consultant: Robert Schad

costumes: Angela Spreer (Original), Agnes Langenbucher (reconstruction)

video: Momme Hinrichs, Torge Möller (fettFilm)

dramaturgy: Waltraut Körver, Sabine Reich

lighting design: Lutz Deppe

technical direction: Jörn Nettingsmeier

A production in cooperation with Pottporus e.V./Renegade, Herne/ funded by TANZFONDS ERBE – an initiative by the German Federal Culture Foundation with kind support of the Ministry for Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sport of the State of North-Rhine Westphalia

Duration: 70 minutes


 Belka Susanne Linke MSTT Lublin 2015 (miniaturka)


More about Susanne Linke:


Following the first performance, Konrad Kurowski will moderate a meeting with the artists at the Festival Club in the Cellar of the Centre for Culture in Lublin.


Konrad Kurowski received a master?s degree in cultural studies from the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University Faculty of Humanities in Lublin. Upon graduation he worked as an assistant to independent German dancer, singer and actress Ulrike Teepe. Following his return to Poland, Kurowski began his collaboration with the Lublin Dance Theatre. He participated in dance managers workshops ?Dance production and promotion in Poland? and ?Circulation of dance theatre pieces in Europe? organised by the Institute of Music and Dance. Kurowski also completed a course in financing, touring, and co-producing performing art projects at the Berlin University of the Arts.






Festival programme



Tickets for the 19th International Dance Theatres Festival May be purchased starting 2 November at the Centre for Culture in Lublin ticket office (ul. Peowiaków 12), and at the performance venues on the day of the performance, one hour before the presentation.   

Tickets for performances on 7-12 November 2015:

– reduced tickets ? PLN 20
– full price tickets ? PLN 30
– tickets for Ruhr-Ort, Ein Tanzfonds Erbe Projekt, Susanne Linke & Renegade PLN 30/40 (only at the ticket office of the Centre for Culture in Lublin)


Booklet tickets (only at the ticket office of the Centre for Culture in Lublin):

– reduced booklet ticket PLN 150
– full price booklet ticket PLN 250
– workshop booklet ticket PLN 120


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