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On 15?16 October (6 pm) Vava Ştefănescu, leading Romanian choreographer and artistic director of the National Dance Centre in Bucharest, will present her choreographic and sound installation, Quartet for a Microphone during the 19th Theatre Confrontations in Lublin (Oratorium, Centre for Culture in Lublin, ul. Peowiaków 12). The installation is a life composition, completely dependent on and responsive to the spectators? reactions, their perception, their attention span and the occasional lapses in it.


Every idea ? a starting point of sorts or a number of keywords ? comes into conjunction with the movement of sound, with the glance of the audience and this is how other new and unexpected ideas are born. For Vava Stefanescu, the accidental of the presence conditioned by this specific context as well as the attention for perception rituals, constitute constant preoccupations but also serve as fascinations with regard to this ?come and go? art phenomenon, suspended somewhere between fiction and reality.


Author: Vava Ştefănescu

Artistic collaborator: Vlaicu Golcea (sound)

Cast: Carmen Coţofană, Mihaela Dancs, Farid Fairuz (dance)

Stage design sponsored by: MAGNUM

General sponsor: Liternet

Supported by AFCN Romania


Festival’s trailer


Programme of the festival


Admission: PLN 10/20


Tickets are available at the box office of the Centre for Culture in Lublin

Opening hours: Mon.?Fri., 10 am?7 pm, and for an hour before the show

tel.: +48 81 466 61 40


Please contact the box office for e-tickets inquiries.

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