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We now know the list of applicants selected to take part in the Workshop on Video Dance to be held on 26?31 May 2014 in Madrid as part of the European Video Dance Heritage (EVDH) project.  


The list includes 24 successful candidates.


Applicants selected for the video dance itinerary:


Alicia Cabrero Tabera (Spain)
Belén Iniesta Schaievitch (Spain)
Carolina Lourenço Fernandes (Portugal)
Diego Torrico Gómez (Spain)
Elsa Beau (France)
Gastón Igounet (Argentina/France)
Gema Iglesias Gascó (Spain)
Julia Martos Ramírez (Spain)
Manuel Garzón Albarrán (Spain)
Michael Maurissens (Belgium)
Maya Balanyá Quesada (Spain)

Rami Shaya (Wielka Brytania)
Renata Sheppard (Italy/USA)
Rubén Darío Ba?ol Herrera (Spain)
Rosa Illescas Gómez (Spain)
Shumpei Nemoto (Japan/Sweden)


Applicants selected for the recording itinerary:


Enrique Pérez Velasco (Spain)
Francisco Bellido Barba (Spain)
Justina Brazaite (Lithuania)
Krzysztof Stasiak (Poland)
Sara Phillips Alcamí (Spain)
Sieva Diamantakos (Italy)
Thomas Correa (France)
Víctor Molina Gayoso (Spain)


The project is implemented under the auspices of the European Commission.

The workshop is held by the Alicia Alonso Higher Dance Institute (Rey Juan Carlos University), in association with the Reina Sofia National Art Museum, Fundación SGAE (Spanish Society of Authors and Publishers), and the Council of Fuenlabrada, Madrid.  




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