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As part of the agreement on cooperation, two organisations based in Berlin and promoting dance development ? Micamoca and Uferstudios ? together with the Institute of Music and Dance and Polish Institute in Berlin, announce a call for applications for the 2014 residence programme which is addressed to dance professionals, active dancers, choreographers, dance teachers, dance project managers, directors/curators of dance festivals or reviews, critics and dance researchers. Candidates interested in residence in Berlin prepare an individual residential programme adapted to their needs.


The 2014 edition of the programme is focused on collaboration projects of Polish and German-based artists/managers/critics and researchers active in the dance field.


As part of the residence programme, the following types of support are provided by the Organisers:

– artistic residence for choreographer or choreographer and dancers

– consultation with a dramatist

– consultation with a production manager, a PR expert

– meetings with representatives of the local artistic world

– the opportunity to attend (as an observer) the rehearsals of chosen companies working in Berlin (with the prior consent of the Organisers)

– the opportunity to participate in dance reviews/festivals

– the opportunity to meet/consult a dance critic

– studio visits in dance centres in Berlin

– other individual consulted types of support

– logistic support (accommodation, organisation, etc).


Application criteria:

– applicants should be Polish citizens with permanent residence in Poland

– applicants must be artists, managers or researchers active in the dance field

– they must have a good command of English and/or German

– the maximum cost of one residence to be covered by the Organisers is 1500 EUR


Eligible costs:

– travel expenses

– accommodation expenses (about 20EU per day)

– costs of the studio (around 70 EUR/day)

– tickets to dance performances

Rules of individual residence programme/studio visits:

– the residence in Berlin should be scheduled for the period of 3 days to 1 month in the whole year

– the plan of the individual residence should indicate the main goal of the planned residence/studio visit, justify why the stay in Berlin would be useful and appropriate for the Applicant’s own artistic/professional/research work and inform what kind of support the Applicant is expecting from the programme’s Organisers.

– the application must also include a list and estimate of costs to be covered by the Organisers

– the application should be written in English


Selection criteria:

– taking into account the budget of the project, the organisers select the most interesting and justified projects

– based on the presented individual plan, the Organisers propose individual solutions, deadlines and places of residence for selected projects

– an important selection criterion will be the presentation of possible further cooperation between Polish artists/managers/critics and researchers active in the dance field and German-based artists and organizations


Applications should be sent to:

Application deadline: May 10th 2014




Application form



Institute of Music and Dance:

Micamoca Project Berlin:

Uferstudios for Contemporary Dance:




Polish Institute in Berlin:



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