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The motto of the 2016 edition of (sic!) four seasons series is TERAZ/NOW. On Thursday 2 June at 7 pm, the Centre for Contemporary Art (CSW) Zamek Ujazdowski (Laboratorium building, 2 Jazdów St.) will host the presentation of the Zmienność/Shiftability project, featuring Anna Nowicka, Maria F. Scaroni, Hermann Heisig, Jule Flierl and Adam Świtała.

Five dancers active on the Berlin and Warsaw stages, invited to collaborate on improvisation, develop a practice focused on the question of changeability. They explore different levels of consciousness, mindfulness and performatics, moving between the real and the imagined, between dance and stillness, playing with emotionality, physicality, the meaning of gestures, and with space and time composition. How can the performer use all the creative tools available, in order to create a unique, diverse, aesthetically unrestrained landscape into which they invite the audience? Five independent choreographers whose paths have crossed on many occasions, use this question as a pretext for a joyful exploration of improvisation, filled with curiosity and imagination.


?And so, we meet again, this time in Warsaw. Our paths have crossed many times. We worked for each other, with each other, on each other, next to each other… We tried to be in the same project, in vain. We are work colleagues, collaborators, roommates, friends and twins. We dream the same dreams. We are interested in each other and the opportunities offered by improvisation. We want to stretch it, break it, twist it, fight it and stay in it, turn it upside down, dissolve it completely and change it, follow it and give in to it. All our previous experience and rules learned, all the questions that we have, lead us bravely into the unknown?.



Created and performed by: Anna Nowicka, Maria F. Scaroni, Hermann Heisig, Jule Flierl, Adam Świtała


After the presentation, there will be a meeting with the artists.


The presentation will be preceded by workshops with Maria F. Scaroni on 31 May?1 June.

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The production was created in 2013 on commission of the Museum of Art in Łódź for the exhibition Przyjdźcie, pokażemy Wam co robimy. O improwizacji tańca (You Come, We?ll Show You What We Do. On Dance Improvisation).




Tickets at PLN 30 (discount PLN 20) are available from the CSW before the show.




The (sic!) four seasons series is an all-year project involving regular presentations of different forms of improvised contemporary dance and related topics.


The project?s authors have launched collaboration with the Centre for Contemporary Art Zamek Ujazdowski (CSW) this year, and included its events in the CSW programme. They intend to build a programme that will focus on dance improvisation as a creative method and a way of practicing and presenting art. Not formal solutions, but motivation for action will be at its core. The goal is to present the art of improvisation in its best form, with the participation of brave and uncompromising artists. Their works may differ vastly, the solutions are not obvious, as they are subordinated to unpredictable actions, to the live relationship of the creators with the subject, the person, the reality, the here and now. Life and its diverse manifestations, as well as the form of presentation, are their shared area of interest.


Being the basic principle of any creation, improvisation has a universal aspect that is strongly connected with human existence. Its principle of acting in real time may be applied to the philosophy of life itself. The programme will present outstanding and internationally renowned artists, as well as young and beginning artists, students and graduates of dance schools.


The programme will also include educational activities, such as workshops, discussion panels and publication of materials on the theory of dance improvisation. There will also be a new area of presentation and research: the relationship of dance with visual arts, their mutual influences, relations and inspirations. Dance as a form, architecture of space, an artist?s message, captured reality, the condition of a person or world, increasingly often finds a common language with the visual arts. These genres try to jointly present a fragment of reality or fiction subjected to artistic vision and action, to lend form to the ideas and things in a way that is free from formal and psychological exultation or aesthetic thinking. It is not about the usefulness of these art genres for each other, but about a way of being present: dance is also a visual art.


Organiser: Fundacja Ciało Się


Partners: CSW, Warsaw City Office


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