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From 25 August through 2 September, Nowy Teatr in Warsaw will host Tadeusz Woleński?s curatorial project Dance From Israel. Presentations will be accompanied by a rich programme of workshops held in collaboration with the Warsaw Dance Department, as well as a special screening of the film Mr. Gaga with a professional commentary. In the words of the curator of the project, ?In the past few years, Israeli dance has mainly been associated with the GaGa style created by the brilliant Ohad Naharin, a long-standing artistic director of the Batsheva Dance Company. Without taking anything away from Naharin, one must stress that GaGa has not been the sole showcase of the Israeli contemporary dance scene. It is precisely that other, less-known facet of Israeli dance that we focus on in the ?Dance From Israel? review at Nowy Teatr. In order to expose our audience to the diversity of the contemporary dance scene in Israel, we have invited its two diverse representatives: independent choreographer Michael Getman and the SOL company.? The presentations of their performances will take place on 24-25 August. We publish the detailed programme of the review below.


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24 August, 7 pm, Nowy Teatr


Am I. Dancer

The piece showcases Talia Paz?s personal movement material and the characters she has embodied in the past 20 years. Deconstructing the text of a tune from the famous musical Choir, titled ?Let Me Dance For You? into fragments of words and breathes enables Talia to reformulate her artistic presence and skills. The dancer straddles the line between personal physicality, spoken text and the uncertain relations evolving on stage between these, which triggers her to challenge her current physical and emotional state. A paradoxical landscape is created, shifting between the tragic and the comic, between the gaze and the hearing, between the said and the done, and between the body?s desire to master the craft and to lose power and form. 


Talia Paz was born in New York and studied dance in Israel and Holland. She has danced with the Batsheva Dance Company, Scapino Ballet, Cullberg Ballet and DV8, working with such choreographers as Ohad Naharin, Sharon Eyal, Carolyn Carlson, Mats Ek, Lloyd Newson, Nils Christe, Johan Inger, Jiří Kylián, Itzik Galili, Nigel Charnock, and Stijn Celis. She is the winner of numerous prizes in Europe and Israel.


Concept, choreography, sound: Michael Getman
Performance: Talia Paz
Lighting: Tobias Hallgren
Video: Michail Lermantov 


Face to Face is a choreography performed to a broken soundtrack of Beethoven’s piano sonata and a political manifesto of the well-known composer Herold Rubin. Using a very personal performance language, Getman and the creative dancer Eldad Ben-Sasson have created a most subtle though at times violent choreographic study of intimacy within a conflict. Who is the victim? Where does one draw the line between individuals? How close can we be to the other? What do we ask of the other? And what if the other is our brother!? The desire to fall in love? to lose control? to be transformed and taken by passion? or to control?! These questions are explored through bold physicality and bizarre war imagery, which give a new twist to stereotypes of two male archetype in conflict, and the roles they play within relationships.


Choreography: Michael Getman
Artistic collaboration: Eldad Ben-Sasson, Yael Venezia
Starring: Michael Getman, Eldad Ben-Sasson
Music: Herold Rubin
Beethoven?s sonata performed by Vladimir Ashkenazy
Lighting design: Ellen Knops 


Michael Getman is an Israeli dancer, choreographer and dance pedagogue, born in Israel in 1978. Since 2005, he has worked in Israel as an independent choreographer. At the same time, he has participated in numerous international artistic projects and held dance and improvisation workshops for professional dancers, amateur dancers, and students of visual arts. An author of numerous choreographies presented at major dance festivals, he won the special prize at the Festival of Choreographic Miniatures in Belgrade, Serbia (2009), the second prize for his solo M-Fiction and the first prize for the an outstanding performance at the Copenhagen International Choreography Competition (CICC) in Denmark (2008).


25 August, 7 pm, Nowy Teatr


SOL Dance Company Sale ? chor. Eyal Dadon 


Heat and cold, body and soul, games and rules, sale and consumption. The piece teases everything that is a challenge in life, grappling with society, games and rules, Capitalism and the results of our actions. Eyal Dadon founded the SOL Dance Company in 2016 in the old part of Be?er Sheva. The company is comprised of seven dynamic and unique dancers who create an unparalleled and inspiring atmosphere on stage.




Concept, choreogrpahy: Eyal Dadon
Dancers: Sian Olles, Madison Payne Hoke, Yuko Imazaike, Shay Partush, Nadav Gal, Roni Ben Simon, Eyal Dadon
Costumes, music: Tomer Salem, Nissim Gutman
Lighting design: Alon Shazar
Production: House of Dance Be?er Sheva
Sponsors: The Ministry of Culture and Sport, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Israel & The Israeli Embassy, Be?er Sheva City, Mifal Hapais, Kivunim Company, Be?er Sheva, Ministry of Culture Be?er Sheva, The Economy Company for Develpoment Be?er Sheva 


The SOL Dance Company was founded in 2016 in the Israeli city of Be?er Sheva. The ensemble is comprised of dynamic and unique dancers who enable a characteristic artistic creation, allowing for deep movement introspection, and reaching audiences in an intimate and honest manner. The SOL Dance Company has its seat at the House Of Dance Be?er Sheva, where the artists and their artistic director Eyal Dadon explore and work out their signature dance theatre language, which bridges community, music, and life.


Tickets for the shows are available at PLN 35/25/20



Presentations will be accompanied by workshops and a film screening:
22 August| 5 pm ? 9 pm | workshops with Michael Getman [Nowy Teatr], admission free, registration:


23 August | 10 am ? 12 pm | workshops with Talia Paz [Warsaw Dance Department Studio], tickets PLN 45, registration:


25 August| 10 am ? 1 pm | workshops with Niv Marinberg [Warsaw Dance Department Studio], tickets PLN 45, registration:


31 August – 2 September | workshops GaGa people [Warsaw Dance Department Studio], registration:


31 August, 5 pm, screening of Mr. Gaga [JCC, Chmielna 9A], admission free


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Partners: Israeli Embassy in Warsaw, JCC Warszawa, Warsaw Dance Department


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