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The Adam Mickiewicz Institute, together with the Institute of Music and Dance, the Centre for Culture in Lublin and the Old Brewery New Dance/Art Stations Foundation, announce an open competition for creating and realizing a dance performance inspired by Pola Nireńska and her works, within the Choreographic Territories ? New Paths for the Avant-Garde Programme in 2019. Choreographic Territories ? New Paths for the Avant-Garde is a programme presenting Polish contemporary dance by some of the best Polish artists, educators and theorists of dance. It will be realized between 2018 and 2021 and includes performances, workshops, meetings and debates organized in the most active centres of contemporary dance in Central and Eastern Europe: in Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia and Bulgaria.


The programme is a continuation of the 2016 Choreographic Territories, the idea of which was expanded in 2018 to encompass propositions connected to the prominent figures of women artists of the 20th-century dance avant-garde who were of Polish descent. A special publication (realized in 2017) and new, international choreographic projects will focus on the artistic work and fascinating biographies of Pola Nireńska, Bronisława Niżyńska, Marie Rambert and Yanka Rudzka. The idea of the project is to demonstrate that just like in the twenties and thirties, Polish artists can still be a source of inspiration and of modern understanding of choreography. The project is to return to a model of intercultural exchange focused on real cooperation with local communities, while presenting themes which emphasize the strong presence of women choreographers and dancers ? both today and in the history of Polish dance in general.


The programme Choreographic Territories ? New Paths for the Avant-Garde is realized within the multi-annual programme of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland realized by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute Polska 100. Programme partners: Institute of Music and Dance, East European Performing Arts Platform (EEPAP), Centre for Culture in Lublin, Old Brewery New Dance/Art Stations Foundation. As a result of this competition, a dance performance will be created in 2019. The play will be inspired by the profile and artistic work of Pola Nireńska. The realization and premiere of the performance will take place between March 1 and June 30, 2019. After its premiere, in the period between July and November 2019, the performance will be presented in major dance centres in Europe. The performance will be staged in 2019 in the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary. The presentations of the performance will be accompanied by workshops led by its creators and performers.


The deadline for submitting offers: a set of required documents should be sent by September 30, 2018 to the e-mail address: in the form of PDF files and by mail to the address of the Centre for Culture in Lublin, Peowiaków 12, 20007 Lublin, Poland, with the inscription ?Choreographic Territories ? Competition? (the date on the postmark is decisive).


The results of the competiton will be announced on October 22, 2018. The results will be published on the organizers? websites.


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