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Following by the procedure, on 16 April 2013 a commission of experts met at the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw to select participants of the 2nd edition of the residency programme. After a round of discussions and voting, two successful candidates out of nine applicants were selected –Janusz Orlikand Magdalena Ptasznik.

The commission:

Jadwiga Majewska – independent expert

Joanna Leśnierowska – Art Stations Foundation (opinion submitted by post)

Julia Hoczyk – Institute of Music and Dance

List of applicants (alphabetically by last name):

1) Wiola Fiuk

2) Helena Gołąb

3) Kaya Kołodziejczyk

4) Irena Lipińska

5) Kacper Lipiński

6) Janusz Orlik

7) Magdalena Ptasznik

8) Konrad Szymański

9) Paulina Święcańska

As prescribed by the procedure, the commission selected choreographers who will undertake residential study visits in Philadelphia, USA, evaluating the applications from the formal perspective (date of submission, correctness, conformity with the programme’s terms), and assessing if each application’s objectives corresponded with the place and formula of the residency, if the proposed exchange in the field of choreography and dance technique was adequate, and matched the expectations of the American partners. The applications of Janusz Orlik and Magdalena Ptasznik corresponded best with the programme’s objectives, which focus on research and international exchange, not merely providing financing for production.

Despite being a mature artist Janusz Orlikis still looking for new possibilities in the field of choreography. While aware of his technique, he is open for cooperation with different artists (last year he met the American participants of the residency programme but had no possibility of taking up cooperation with them). Although he has been involved in international projects before (he works with the UK’s Vincent Dance Theatre on permanent basis), Janusz has never had the opportunity to work in the USA.

Magdalena Ptasznik is currently focusing on conceptual dance and projects bordering on dance and performance. Of particular interest to Magdalena is interaction with local communities (including her audiences) and exchanging mutual experiences. In her work she puts strong emphasis on the feedback she receives on her proposals, methodology and interests. She treats her choreographic work as a forum for exchanging practices and a think tank. At the same time, Magdalena is one of the most active young dancers.

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