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Kaj Dzias was selected from 260 applications from around the world to participate in the official programme of the Plovdiv ? European Capital of Culture 2019 programme. Kaj Dzias will be presented on August 9 and 10, at 7 p.m. in the Post ? Culture Stage. On August 6-8, 2019, Living Space Theatre performers will conduct dance and theatre workshops for the local community of Plovdiv. The workshop will be give participants the opportunity to enter Kaj Dzias performance.


The project is realised within the framework of Plovdiv ? European Capital of Culture 2019 programme, realise with the financial support of the Polish Institute in Sofia.



It is said that you can always hear music in Roma families, even when there is nothing to eat, because it makes life more bearable.

A show of theatre and dance.

From magic, rites, music, song, dance and travel to fraud, thefts and persecution.

A story told from different perspectives.

A bit magical and, at the same time, emphatically literal.

About the Gypsies? About people?

Come meet some eccentrics, strangers, artists?

We want to understand something about ourselves by looking at others.


            Kaj Dzias presented by the Polish theatre company Living Space Theatre is a colourful mixture of theatre, original choreography, live music and singing, inspired by and dedicated to the Roma culture. The performance presents centuries-old Roma beliefs, customs and traditions, seen through the prism of human values such as humanity, tolerance and the acceptance of differences.


Duration: 60 minutes
Directed by: Jakub Margosiak
Choreographed by the crew
Performed by: Natalia Dinges, Anna Mikuła, Grzegorz Łabuda, Jakub Margosiak
Music: Izabela Płachta (violin), Kornel Uriasz/Marcin Pajor (accordion), Miłosz Potoczny (guitar)
Costumes and set design: Magdalena Paw, Małgorzata Cichoń, Grzegorz Łabuda
Music arrangement: Marcin Słonina
Technical support and light design: Paweł Urbanowicz

Premiere: 30 March 2017




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