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The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, the Centre in Motion, and the Burdąg Foundation are pleased to invite everyone to the premiere of the book Points of Convergence. Alternative Views on Performance and the accompanying presentation of the artistic research of four dancers, initiated by Magdalena Ptasznik. The event will be held at the Museum by the Vistula (ul. Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 22) on Saturday, 10 June 2017 (7pm).


Undoubtedly, performance ? similarly to siren ? signifies the ?breakdown of the code?: it undermines the accepted divisions, speaks up for more complex and polyphonic systems. Organised in the vicinity of the exhibition The Beguiling Siren is Thy Crest, the event will focus on the potential hidden within the hybrid nature of this medium, and the editors of the book ? prof. André Lepecki and Marta Dziewańska ? will discuss performance in the context of the pieces and phenomena examined in the essays on pieces and phenomena attached to such artists as Shannon Jackson, Claudia Calirman, Natasa Petresin-Bachelez or Fred Moten, among others.


The latest publication of the Museum contains a range of materials presented as part of the research programme devoted to performance, conducted in 2014 and 2015 in collaboration with André Lepecki.
During the meeting, the book will be sold at the promotional price of PLN 35.


The meeting will be accompanied by the presentation of artistic research initiated by Magdalena Ptasznik, an artist tied to the Warsaw-based Centre in Motion. Uncannings is the effect of Ptasznik?s encounters, exchange, experiments, and horizontal research expansion carried out in collaboration with three performers; the starting point for the project was the performative practice founded on the process of observing other body/ies. The artists will follow phenomena triggered by physical activity: sensory experience, associations, imagination, information, desire, impulse, illustrating their impact on the subsequent process of perception. Thus, they will take up the notions of being, observing, and saturation with images, including their circulation and incessant transformation.


Concept, choreography, performance: Magdalena Ptasznik                                                         

Performance, collaboration: Vala Tomasz Foltyn, Natalia Oniśk, Ola Osowicz



More about the book:


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