The National Institute of Music and Dance and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute will promote Polish dance at one of the world’s most important international dance events of the year. Thanks to the website, foreign dance producers and promoters will learn about the activities of dance institutions, NGOs, informal groups and individual artists active in Poland.

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Collaborating with NIMiT and IAM as ambassadors of Polish dance at the Düsseldorf fair will be representatives of the dance community, who use on a daily basis as a publicity tool:

During the Fair, each ambassador will represent a different field of dance-related activity: contemporary ballet, independent and international dance, the independent dance in Poland, and managerial activity; thus, different perspectives will be offered on how to harness the potential of as a promotional tool.

Coverage of the Tanzmesse 2022 International Trade Fair can be followed on the NIMiT and IAM websites and social media channels.

– Participation in the Tanzmesse International Dance Fair is a great opportunity to expose the international audience to the diversity of the Polish dance scene. In addition to promoting our domestic artists, the Adam Mickiewicz Institute and the National Institute of Music and Dance also aim to showcase as a functional tool connecting artists with foreign audiences. I am positive that Polish dance will catch the eye of Tanzmesse participants, says Barbara Schabowska, director of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.

The website was created in 2020 in cooperation between the National Institute of Music and Dance and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute. The promotion of the catalog of artistic entities posted on the website it was scheduled for the 2020 Fair. Unfortunately, the pandemic thwarted the original plan. This year, with the Fair returning in full swing, both institutions will exhibit their booth (No. 38) from August 31 through September 3, 2022 in Düsseldorf. Link to the event page: gives foreign audiences a glimpse of what the Polish dance scene is like today while also allowing international dance producers, presenters and managers to reach out to specific artists and companies in Poland and find performances that not only fit their artistic profile, but also their logistical, technical and financial capabilities.

– This year’s Tanzmesse International Trade Fair will be a platform for meetings, discussions, establishing and building relationships, showcasing and promoting one’s own work, and getting in touch with the latest trends in dance today. That is why the presence of Polish dance there is so important. Thanks to the adopted presentation formula, the website will not only promote the tool for reaching Polish dance artists in and of itself but also each of those artists who already use it, says Karol Urbanski, deputy director of the National Institute of Music and Dance. – I believe that the joint participation of the National Institute of Music and Dance and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute will translate into a number invitations to perform abroad, extended to Polish artists and companies, adds Urbański.

The website was created in cooperation between the National Institute of Music and Dance and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.

About the project

PolandDances is an impresariat tool, supporting Polish dance artists in promoting their activities abroad. Through various activities, the National Institute of Music and Dance motivates artists to pursue international collaborations, enables foreign presentations of performances, and promotes Polish dance art. Some among the activities implemented as part of the project include PolandDances – Residencies (cooperation of Polish artists with foreign choreographers and international exchanges), PolandDances – Tournée (co-funding foreign tours of Polish performances) and PolandDances – Workshops (intended for persons in managerial and/or production positions committed to building international cooperation in dance).

About the National Institute of Music and Dance

The National Institute of Music and Dance implements creative, publishing, academic and scholarship projects. It sets new standards for cooperation between artists and institutions. The Institute runs a number of projects, including the Oskar Kolberg Award for Merits to Folk Culture; Spaces of Art; Coryphaeus of Polish Music, PolandDances; International Competition of Polish Music. Every day, the Institute’s team ensures the growth of Polish musicians and dancers and provides them with opportunities to showcase their achievements in Poland but and abroad. All of the Institute’s operations are financed within the framework of the grant awarded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

About the Adam Mickiewicz Institute

The Adam Mickiewicz Institute is a national cultural institution whose mission is to build lasting relationships with foreign partners that enable presentation of Polish culture and foster international cultural exchange. The Institute has implemented and is currently carrying out cultural projects in 70 countries on 6 continents, including the UK, France, Russia, Israel, Germany, Turkey, USA, Canada, Australia, Morocco, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, as well as China, Japan and Korea. The Institute has unveiled 38 strategic programs to date, which have attracted a total of 60 million viewers. The Adam Mickiewicz Institute is operated by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Media contacts:
NIMiT / Agata Szymczak: +48 785 310 000

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