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On Saturday, 26 April (5 pm) the Art Stations Gallery in Poznań (ul. Półwiejska 42) hosts a performance by the third and final resident of the exhibition For Each Gesture Another Character, which opened the 10th year of Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk, bringing together for the first time the institution?s exhibition and performance programmes. This way, the gallery space became stage for three young choreographers ? Magdalena Ptasznik, Aleksandra Borys, and Anna Steller ? who took turns to became its artistic residents. Their temporary interventions in the gallery make references  to the works on display and their common motifs. Each residency ends with an open performance whose point of departure is understanding drawing as a physical, if ephemeral, trace of body movement in space. Anna Steller?s residency at the Art Stations Gallery will last from 22 to 26 April.



About Anna Steller?s residency:

During my residency I will be investigating relations between action painting and movement creation, choreography. What underlay action painting, whose leading proponent was Jackson Pollock, was uncontrolled, spontaneous spreading of paint on canvas. The actions I undertake during the residency will have the form of improvisation, experiment, reaction to external stimuli. I want to open up to moments of surprise, to welcome change, to be an active observer and a living exhibit … I my actions to produce unpredictable consequences, I want to provoke, become an active and dynamic part of the exhibition.


Also on Saturday, at 7 pm, Rodrigo Sobarzo de Larraechea will perform The Harvest at Studio Słodownia + 3. This is Sobarzo de Larraechea?s second presentation in Poland following Mining showcased at the 2011 New Dance Review and the 2012 Old Brewery New Dance at Malta.


In The Harvest we proclaim the theater room as a ?fertile ground?. Just like the cultivation field when its fruits are ripe, right at the harvesting season. We will amass the attention and concentration within the performative space. In order to achieve the above we will parcel, plow and seed the stage terrain in front of your eyes. We will sow manifold kinetic sculptures and let them resonate during a 60 minute workday. Nurturing the movement with artificial stage lamps and stimulating its growth through means of recorded sound.


Meticulously calibrating our senses, promulgating our bodies as sculptural vehicles, devoted to an intuitive workforce, constantly migrating amid different working-constellations, hypnotically activated into the operational calm: we yield the material, we are the material.


What we gather, as beholders of the theater event, it is the energy invested in its production. We invite you to take part in this amplified performance experience.


Concept and choreography: Rodrigo Sobarzo de Larraechea in collaboration with Koldo Arostegui

Dramaturgy: Tom Engels

Lighting: Jan Fedinger

Production: Het Veem Theater
Supported by the CSC (Centro per la scena contemporanea), Bassano del Grappa, Italy






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