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On 20-21 March 2018 (7 pm), the Słodownia + 3 studio at the Old Brewery centre in Poznań (ul. Półwiejska 42) will hold the 10th edition of the Short Waves Festival, an international showcase of short film on movement and dance. Screenings in clude films from all over the world, exposing the audience to immense possibilities of physical expression and film portrayal. This year we have selected 23 titles from 14 countries, which will be seeking appreciation of both the Jury and the audience. The program includes fiction, documentaries, animations, experimental projects and choreographic impressions. There are reflective works, but also films meant to amuse. Just like every year, the program will be filled with dance, corporal narratives and unexpected searches in movement.


Dances with Camera has been a part of Short Waves Festival for 5 years. The screenings consistently meet with enthusiasm of both dance and film aficionados. Hence, for the 10th edition of the festival, in addition to the competition screenings of Dances with Camera, we have also prepared a special sh owcase of Polish dance films, Polish Moves (21 March, 3 pm, Kino Muza, ul. Św. Marcin 30).


Following the presentations, the artists will meet with the audience. The winners will be announced at the awards gala on Sunday, 25 March (8 pm).




Programme and overview of the 1st part of competition entries, 20 March, 7 pm

Programme and overview of the 2nd part of competition entries, 21 March, 7 pm  

Programme of Polish Moves




Kerstin Hamburg ? born in Nordhausen/Thuringia, she studied at the Wuppertal University, where she has been living and working since 1995. She works as a communication designer, focusing on photography. In 2013 Kerstin co-founded Tanzrauschen, together with a number of artists, curators, dancers, web designers and film distributors. Tanzrauschen is an association which supports ideas and intentions of Dance on Screen. In 2016 the first TANZRAUSCHEN – International Dance on Screen Festival took place in Wuppertal.


Krzysztof Stasiak is a film producer, sound designer and director, member of the European Film Academy and a teacher in Warsaw Film School. He is currently a PhD student at the Lodz Film School, and holds a scholarship from the Silesian Voivodeship in the field of culture. A participant in a number of masterclasses, among others: ?Sound of the Image” (Berlin), “European Video Dance Heritage” (Madrid), “Screendance Masterclass” (Perth), “Winnipeg Screendance Intensive” (Canada),his films “Masina” and “Tactum – elements of dance” have been screened at many international festivals.


Gitta Wigrois a freelance dance film programmer based in London, UK. She has been a guest programmer, speaker and jury member for many international festivals and ran the UK festival Dance on Screen. She is currently a programmer for Leeds International Film Festival?s screendance competition, and lecturer at London Contemporary Dance School?s new screendance MA. She is also the co-director of the artist development organisation Independent Dance.




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Tickets available online at and at the Old Brewery Info Points.



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