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The shortlist of the Polish Dance Platform 2012, taking place on 6–9 December in Poznań, has been announced! At the official meeting on 1 October, the jury composed of Anna Królica, Carine Meulders and Jacek Kopciński, has selected the following performances:

Alex Baczynski-Jenkins Balet Triadyczny/Triadic Ballet
Aleksandra Borys Lost in details
Izabela Chlewińska Tralfamadoria
Magdalena Chowaniec When I Don’t Dance I Collect Crystal Balls
Teatr Cynada Bożeny Eltermann Żegnaj laleczko/Farewell, My Lovely
Teatr Dada von Bzdülöw Le Sacre
Tomasz Bazan Station de Corps
Ramona Nagabczyńska New(Dis)Order
Anna Nowicka the truth is just a plain picture. said bob.
Janusz Orlik Święto wiosny/The Rite of Spring
Iza Szostak From culture to nature
Anita Wach OOPS

We invite you to register to take part in the Platform:

The Polish Dance Platform 2012 is co-organized by the Institute of Music and Dance.

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