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One of Europe?s most captivating choreographers returns to Poznań after presenting two of his pieces, Khaos and Je(u), at Malta Festival Poznań 2017. The Poznań audience will have a chance to witness a work in progress presentation featuring Chétouane?s latest performance, Partita 1. The piece will premiere in November at Hebbel am Uffer in Berlin. The work in progress presentation will take place as part of the Nostalgia Festival 2017, on Saturday 18 November (6 pm) at Studio Słodownia + 3 (Old Brewery, ul. Półwiejska 42).


About the piece:


What would happen if we were to abandon verticality after centuries of walking upright? This question is the starting point of Laurent Chétouane?s latest piece, in which he searches for new co-ordinates for the logics of the body. In the first part of Chétouane?s performance, the audience will take to the stage alongside a musician and three dancers, accompanying them in their quest. In the second part of the piece they will follow the dancers from the distance as they struggle with any stable verticality. Partita 1 explores human fragility in its relation with the convoluted and incomprehensible world. The search for a new sense of balance is conducted to the live performance of Johann Sebastian Bach?s Partita no.1 in h minor. Even though the future is unforeseeable and unimaginable, it remains in a stranglehold of a horizon-less, infinite present.


Laurent Chétouane (b. 1973) is a choreographer and director. Having graduated in chemical engineering in 1996, he took up theatre studies in Paris, and received a degree in directing at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt. He conceives of creating foremost as a process in which one analyses the complex relations between the individual components of performance: text, music, choreography, personality, and dancers? bodies. His explorations are not limited to aesthetic aspects but involve a continuous experimentation in probing the boundaries of expression and posing philosophical questions, as evidenced by Chétouane?s collaboration with Jean-Luc Nancy in such pieces as Khaos, as well as his activity as a pedagogue and workshop tutor. Chétouane?s original approach merges practice with theory, treating theatre as an equal ground for the production of philosophical discourse.

Laurent Chétouane mostly lives and works in Germany, where he has staged numerous plays by German classics: Schiller, Goether, Büchner, and Müller. He has also developed a number of original pieces and dance projects in France, Holland, Belgium, Australia, Italy, Turkey, Japan, Russia, and Switzerland. He returns to Poznań following his presentations at Malta Festival Poznań 2017 (Khaos and Je(u)).


choreography: Laurent Chétouane 

dancers: Florence Casanave, Moo Kim, Mikael Marklund

music: Artiom Shishkov (violin)

lighting: Philippe Gladieux

assistant choreographer: Gloria Höckner

intern: Julius Graupner

producers: Christine Kammer, Hendrik Unger 
Partita GbR was produced in collaboration with HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin and Kampnagel Hamburg

sponsors: Basisförderung Berlin / The governing mayor Berlin ? Senate Chancellery ? Cultural Affairs

supported by: NATIONALES PERFORMANCE NETZ (NPN) Coproduction Fund for Dance, co-financed by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

Special thanks to Malta Festival Poznań and the Art Stations Foundation for the residency.


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