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Zamek Culture Centre and Art Stations Foundation / Stary Browar are pleased to invite you to the third Polish Dance Platform on 6–9 December 2012 (Thursday–Sunday). The festival features the most interesting dance events of the two last years in Poland. This year’s Platform is – for the first time – co-organized by the Warsaw Institute of Music and Dance, who will invite you to meet with dance specialists and discuss the Polish dance stage.

12 performances have been selected out of more than 90 proposals, by a three-person jury of experts: Anna Królica, dance critic, Jacek Kopciński, chief editor of Monthly “Teatr” and Carine Meulders, art director of workspace wpZimmer in Antwerp. Not only spectators of Poznań, but also a huge number of international curators, critics and directors of dance festivals will be watching them.

This year’s 12 performances, selected by the jury of experts, are enriched with a late-morning accompanying events: panels and meetings, but most of all – Open Platform, offering some great opportunities for dance professionals.

Open Platform(Saturday, 8/12/2012) is an open meeting of Polish dance professionals with international guests of Platform: curators, directors of international festivals, critics. It will be a mini-fair giving the chance to exhibit own promotional materials and talk directly with invited guests. It is a unique opportunity to promote Polish choreographers and meet with international professionals.


Thursday 6 December

6.00 pm

Opening: Polish Dance Platform 2012

45’ Blow Up Hall Hotel

7.00 pm

Magdalena Chowaniec & Mathieu Grenier: When I Don’t Dance I Collect Crystal Balls

60′ Stary Browar Studio

9.00 pm

Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre Le Sacre

1h20′ CK Zamek Sala Wielka

Friday 7 December

11.00 am

Open Studio Presentations:
Teatr Bretoncaffe, Harakiri Farmers, Agata Maszkiewicz, Renata Piotrowska

2.30’ CK Zamek Sala Kameralna

3.00 pm

Janusz Orlik The Rite of Spring

40’Stary Browar Studio

7:00 pm

Tomasz Bazan: Station de Corps

1h20′ CK Zamek Sala Wielka

9:00 pm

Iza Szostak From culture to nature

30′ Stary Browar Studio

Saturday 8 December

11:00 am

Presentation of the Institute of Music and Dance’ activities, and of DVD taniec_PL

1h CK Zamek Sala Pod Zegarem

12:00 am

Open Platform – Polish contemporary dance community

1h CK Zamek Sala Pod Zegarem

3.00 pm

Anna Nowicka: the truth is just a plain picture. said bob.

1h (no break) Stary Browar Studio

3:00 pm

Aleksandra Borys: Lost in details

1h (no break)

Stary Browar Studio

7:00 pm

Anita Wach / Via Negativa: OOPS

50′ CK Zamek Sala Wielka

9:00 pm

Cynada Theatre by Bożena Eltermann: Żegnaj laleczko

Ramona Nagabczyńska: New(Dis)Order

1h50’ (20’ break) Stary Browar Studio

Sunday 9 December

12:00 am

The future of Polish Dance Platform – discussion panel

1h30’ CK Zamek Sala Kameralna

5.00 pm

Izabela Chlewińska: Tralfamadoria

45’ CK Zamek Sala Wielka

7:00 pm

Alex Baczyński-Jenkins: Displaced and perforated

40’ Stary Browar Studio

Details at: and in the section Calendar/Events.

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