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The ZAMEK Culture Centre presents a performance conceived and created by the participants of the OSMOSIS:: Poznań — Berlin lab that took place on 18?23 May 2014 at CK ZAMEK, focusing on the relation between sound and physicality and gathering dancers, musicians, and performers from Poznań (8 participants) and Berlin (6 participants). The performance will be presented on Saturday, 24 May, 7pm (Sala pod Zegarem – Hall Under the Clock) and on Sunday, 25 May, 6pm, at ZAKŁAD  (ul. Wawrzyniaka 39).


OSMOSIS is a dialogue between explorations oriented towards performance and experiment. The laboratory is addressed to musicians, dancers and performers who wish to experiment and explore the physical aspect of sound, delve into sound dimensions of motion, exploit the singular energy produced by the two media and their mutual effect in the process of developing a performance. The two shows to crown the lab on 24 and 25 May will present the fruit of work the resident artists conducted in the context of Poznań?s public space and will draw attention to the role of circumstances in creating such a piece.  


OSMOSIS:: Poznań – – Berlin is a follow-up on Friv Move Zamek carried out by Patryk Lichota and Marta Romaszkan at the ZAMEK Culture Centre in 2013/2014 and an initiative from Berlin-based artists (Manon Parent).

OSMOSIS was held as an encounter of musicians and dancers from various countries who are linked by the cities of Berlin or Poznań. The project seeks to facilitate permanent collaboration and artistic exchange in the field of experimentation between artists from the two neighbouring cities.



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The laboratory was divided into two parts ? joint practice in the mornings and work on the performance in the afternoons.

During the morning sessions, Manon Parent (musician and dancer) conducted classes for all participants. The exercises aimed to awaken sensitivity and openness to visual, auditory and sensory stimuli and sensations, thus opening new areas of exploration for the afternoon creative session. (Both musicians and dancers participated in the physical practice, though no prior preparation was required from the musicians).

The other part of the day was devoted to experimentation in a given space where participants had the opportunity to put their ideas into practice, work jointly on the questions of composition and/or structures of improvisation in performance development, with particular emphasis on the mutual interactions of sound and motion/the body. The artists explored how the two media can influence each other, communicate with each other, and reinforce one another. The outcome of the lab are going to be two showings of a site-specific performance made up of a range of sound and movement situations created during the lab. 

18?24 May: performance development
24 May, 7pm: site-specific performance at the ZAMEK Culture Centre, Sala pod Zegarem ? Hall Under the Clock
25 May, 6pm: second showing of the site-specific performance, ZAKŁAD, ul. Wawrzyniaka 39


Irene Cortina Gonzales (Spain) ? dancer, choreographer
Patrick Faurot (USA) – choreographer, saxophonist, dancer
Michiyasu Furutani (Japan) – actor, dancer
Adam Goodwin (USA)- composer, visual artist, double bass player
Amélie Legrand (France) – cellist, composer
Manon Parent (France) – dancer, violinist

Michał Biel ? saxophone player
Weronika Cegielska – dancer, choreographer, performer
Justyna Chaberek – dancer, actress, singer
Piotr Korsak ? drums player
Tomasz Szczepaniak – drums player
Marta Romaszkan ? dancer
Karolina Wasilewska – musician, singer, performer
Maja Ziarkowska – actress, performer


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