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The Art Stations Foundation is presenting a coaching session with Cláudia Dias. Held in the frame of the Alternative Dance Academy [Alternatywna Akademia Tańca], the workshop will focus on Real Time Composition, providing theoretical and practical reflections on stage work. The method, developed by Portuguese choreographer Joao Fiadeiro, consists in the practitioner giving up attempting the “creative act”, that is rejecting his or her condition of “creator” of what happens.

Excerpts from the artist’s description:

„In this sense performers are not creators of what happens but only of the conditions which facilitate it happening. Their job is to clarify their impulses and reflexes. Following one’s impulses or limiting oneself to simple reactions to previous actions does not equal freedom. Acting on a reflex stimulates freedom and authenticity, as if thought were the necessary condition of being free and authentic. It so happens that what we desire is contaminated with a lot of information which we are used to calling “our own” but which neither belongs to us nor defines us. Being free means thinking, making choices and taking responsibility for them. That is why the workshop will be largely devoted to providing each participant with tools to help them achieve freedom to make conscious choices. Real Time Composition tools serve to facilitate setting up a platform of understanding and communication, working out a common language necessary to make dialogue within a group of people (in which I also include the viewer). It must be born in mind that the method is not an aesthetic one, as both the concepts used and the imagination created depend on the participants, who will be trying to work out their own style and achieve their freedom through applying the above principles.”

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