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Dances with Camera is an international competition for the best short films focusing on the subject of dance, motion, physicality, and the pursuit of unrestrained forms of expression. The competition showcase took place on 16 and 17 March 2016 at Studio Słodownia +3 at Old Brewery in Poznań. The contest is part of the Short Waves Festival 2015, which took place on 15-20 March 2016. Having watch all the 22 contending films, the jury members ? Angela Mayer-Deutsch, Jadwiga Majewska, Ewa Krasucka ? awarded prizes to three films: Gone, directed by Helena Jónsdóttir and Vera Sölvadóttir (First Prize), Lay Me Low, directed by Marlene Millar (Second Prize), Home Alone, directed by Adi Halfin (Third Prize). The Honourable Mention went to Family Honour (Secrets), directed by Omari Carter. The audience award went to Approaching the puddle, directed by Sebastian Gimmel.


Their reasoning is posted below.



First Prize ? Gone, directed by Helena Jónsdóttir and Vera Sölvadóttir 


For creating an intelligent portrait of sensory intimacy, for sense of humour and richness of non-obvious meanings.


Second Prize ? Lay Me Low, directed by Marlene Millar


For perfect coherence of the means for conveying the liberating experience of a group mourning ritual.


Third Prize Home Alone, directed by Adi Halfin


For exceptional fusion of the languages of dance and film, concentrated in a short electrifying flash.


Honourable Mention ? Family Honour (Secrets)


For a very elaborate and successful translation of a socially important theatre performance into the language of film.


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The award-winning films will be screened from Tuesday 22 March until Thursday 24 March, 2016 as part of the Studio Dance Stage 2016/II presentations in Warsaw.


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