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Choreographer Renata Piotrowska has began her research residency at the Old Brewery/Art Stations Foundation in Poznań. Also participating in the the two-week (10?23 January 2015) residency are Simon Auffret (sound), Anna Gałdanowska (set design), and Joanna Leśnierowska (lighting designer and dramaturge). The team is producing Piotrowska’s latest project, set to premiere in November 2015 at the Old Brewery in Poznań.


The choreographer will also be in residency at STSpot, Yokohama, the piece’s co-producer.


From the artist:

The first impulse for this work was an animistic thought that what separates us from the world is the body and that the soul is common for all. When I have read about it for the first time just recently, I suddenly felt that there is a whole new world opening in front of me. At the same time I got back immediately to my childhood and those moments when it seemed so obvious that every object I?m in contact with has its own soul or life and that it relates to me as much as I relate to it. Nowadays it seems to me that reviewing what we all had as children and don?t have as adults is not the only a way to use personal stories from different perspective but also to problematize and fictionalize new visions of our contemporary world.


A starting point for the research became an assumption that what is potentially common between us, human beings and the world, on physical level, as well as on the symbolic one, associated with a soul, is the air. What if the air is visible on stage? What if it becomes the main subject and material? Through which performative strategies we can experience the air?


During two week residency in PoznańI decided to work with objects which are literally moving the air or being moved and transformed by air such as: ventilators, hair dryers, pumps and inflatable things. During the research I?m interested in shaping the ways of working through such issues as: attention, kinesthetic empathy and an affect. Through exploration of possible relations between objects I?m open to discover choreographic and dance protocols in which the air is the main interest and material to work with further on. Possibly those protocols will be used in the next phase of the project – rehearsals for a group piece to be concluded at the end of 2015.


In the last day of residency in Yokohama I?ll be happy to invite for an Open Studio meeting during which I aim into sharing my so far research outcomes and wish to enable audience to experience, hear and see defined performative strategies and actual questions of the work.


Creators: Renata Piotrowska (concept, direction, choreography), Anna Gołdanowska (installation), Joanna Leśnierowska (light, dramaturgy), Simon Auffret (sound), Yuiko Masaoka (collaboration)


production: Art Stations Foundation / Poland, 

co-production ST Spot / Japan

partners: Center in Motion / Poland,

coordination: Julia Stryjska (Menuo Production)

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