This year the Staatstheater Kassel in Germany celebrates the International Dance Day with a premiere of Maciej Kuźmiński’s new piece my body falls lighter. The presentation will mark the company’s largest dance production this year, and will be hosted on the theatre’s main stage, which holds up to 1,000 spectators.

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A dance at the edge of becoming and unbeing, on the broken architecture of a naked life, a human without a name. In that liminal space, where it is hoped that a glimpse of singularity might be possible against the backdrop of night and starlight, there was rain and a whisper of a wish, to fall, but fall lighter, from the tightrope of time.

Kuźmiński’s latest piece involves the entire dance ensemble (20 dancers) and a full orchestra, which makes it the choreographer’s largest production to date and his first collaboration with an orchestra. This is also the first time for Kuźmiński to create the lighting design on his own.

Subsequent presentations of my body falls lighter will be held on 05th, 07th, 10th, 20th, 28th of May and 08th of June.

In the years 2006-2021 at the Staatstheater Kassel, dance theater performances were created by the choreographer Johannes Wieland. Currently, a completely new team has been formed in the theater, headed by the artistic director Thorsten Teubl together with the playwright and manager Silke Meier-Brösicke. The new team has an international character. It is made up of dancers from Israel, Italy, England, Sweden, South Korea, France, Lithuania, Russia, the Netherlands, Denmark and Uganda. Also closely cooperating with the choreographer in the production of my body falls lighter are Marcus Meyer, stage designer and costume designer, and conductor Mario Hartmuth..


Maciej Kuźmiński

Born in 1985, Maciej Kuźmiński belongs to the first generation of Polish choreographers who went to study abroad after Poland joined the European Union in 2004. The artist gradually built his portfolio through independent work and successful performances at international choreography competitions in Rotterdam, Stuttgart, Hannover, Belgrade and Gdańsk. In 2017, he started working with ensembles and to this day he is a choreographer, among others for Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, Regensburg Theater and Polish Dance Theater. His pieces, described as “intellectual and intense” and “combining concept and beauty”, have been showcased in over 20 countries. Maciej Kuźmiński’s work is based on his original movement and composition technique called “Dynamic Phrasing”, based on the flow of energy through the body, which he teaches at dance conservatories in Europe like Codarts, ArtEZ, Pera, Trinity Laban or Belgrade Dance Institute. Maciej is also an active producer in Poland. He is the founder of the Polish Dance Network and residency exchange with Luxembourg Project 2/3, which are currently run by the National Institute of Music and Dance.

More information about my body falls lighter under this link

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