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You may now read essays written by Polish authors on (go to “Learn & Understand”). In his text Tomasz Nowak outlines the past and present of traditional dance in Poland, while Joanna Szymajda discusses selected pieces by contemporary choreographers (Philippe Decouflé, Robyn Orlin, Wim Vandekeybus) and works combining performance and visual arts (Vera Mantero, Jan Fabre) from the perspective of animal studies. Both are available in French and English, and illustrated with video extracts.


Read the texts in English:

Traditional dance in Poland

Animals in dance is the first free online dance video library. Administered by Lyon?s Maison de la Danse, the website is a resource of videos promoting artistic dance and its history.


The essays were prepared by the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw as part of the project European Video Dance Heritage.


More about European Video Dance Heritage

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