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On Sunday 28 February at 7 pm Club Żak in Gdańsk (Aleja Grunwaldzka 195/197) will present the first premiere in the ?Residency/Premiere 2016? programme, a part of the 8th Gdańsk Dance Festival. Artists Liwia Bargieł, Irad Mazliah and Stefano Silvino are working on their show under coach Máté Mészáros, a Hungarian dancer and choreographer.


?Fake mirror. Beauty and goodness, when reflected by the mirror, become hideous, gross and bloated. Obscenely thin, salty and fatty. The world in the mirror has shades of grey, brown and blood. With only one glittering trinket – the lies.?

A fairy tale for adults based on Robert Jarosz?s play Śnieży (It?s Snowing).


?There was a wicked troll. He was one of the very worst sort – he was the devil. One day he was in a very temper, for he had made a looking-glass which had this property: that everything good and pretty that was reflected in it shrivelled away in it to almost nothing, but everything that was no good and looked ugly came out plain and showed even worse than it was. The most beautiful landscapes looked like boiled spinach in the glass, and the best of men grew hideous, or else stood on their heads and had no stomachs. Their faces were so distorted that they couldn’t be recognized, and if anyone had a freckle, you could be sure it would spread all over his nose and mouth. It was extra-ordinarily funny, the devil said. If a kind pious thought passed through a man’s mind, there came such a grimace in the glass that the troll-devil couldn’t but laugh at his clever invention. Everyone who attended the troll school (for he kept a troll school) spread the news all about that a miracle had come to pass: you could now see, they said, what the world and mankind really looked like. They ran about everywhere with the glass, and at last there wasn’t a country or a person left who hadn’t been distorted in it.?

Hans Christian Andersen, The Snow Queen



regular PLN 20, students PLN 10, card holders: Karta do Kultury PLN 15, Karta Dużej Rodziny PLN 5, Karta Tancerza PLN 3





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