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Dada Hub is a new concept of contemporary dance technique workshops housed in a remarkable studio in Sopot, held by Dada von Bzdülöw choreographers and guests. The project aims to bring together dancers, choreographers and artists with similar interests, who want to share their experience and bring ideas and creative energy to the table.

This year, for 7 days (on 25-31 August), all-day workshops (42h total) will be held by the founders and choreographers of the Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre, Gdańsk, Poland. The target group will consist of 25 advanced dancers from Poland and abroad. Instructors: Katarzyna Chmielewska and Leszek Bzdyl and a guest choreographer Roberto Olivan (Spain). All workshops will focus on contemporary dance techniques, improvisation and composition, as seen from the Dada Theatre artists’ perspective shaped through 20 years of experience.


Participants will be selected in relation to their experience and application filing date (up to 25 persons). On contacting us, the artists are asked to return the Dada Hub Application Form and will then receive more information and details about the content of the DADA HUB workshops. Applications:


Workshop participation fee: 120EUR

On receiving participation confirmation, the fee should be paid by bank transfer until

15.08.2013 to the following account:


ul. Grunwaldzka 44, 80-241 Gdańsk

Bank Name: Credit Agricole

IBAN: PL16194010763059080500000000


In the transfer title please write: DADA HUB 2013 Name and Surname

Inexpensive accommodation (60EUR/6 nights) can be offered to a few interested participants (max 6 persons) at the apartment in the Old Town of Gdańsk. Selected participants who confirmed their participation and paid for the workshop can cancel participation without costs no later than 15.08.2013. For organizational reasons, any cancelation after

the date will entail a 50% fee of workshop costs.

VENUE: Sopot: MCKA Zatoka Sztuki (Bay of Art), al. Mamuszki 14


workshop dates: 25.08.2013 – 31.08.2013

total hours: 42h – everyday 6h between 10:00-13:15 and 15:00-18:00

Sunday 25 Aug, time: 9:00 – greetings and introduction of participants

Everyday schedule between 25 Aug – 31 Aug 2013

10:00 – 11:30 Technique – Leszek Bzdyl

11:45 – 13:15 Technique and Improvisation – Katarzyna Chmielewska

13:15 – 15:00 Dinner break

15:00 – 18:00 Coaching “Instinct as a source of movement” – Roberto Olivan

Sunday 31 Aug, time: 18:00 – the end of workshops, and handing out to participants Certificates of

Dada Hub 2013 Workshop Completion at MCKA Bay of Art in Sopot.


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