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The Higher Dance Institute of the Rey Juan Carlos University, in the framework of the European Video Dance Heritage Project approved by the European Commission, with the collaboration of the Reina Sofia National Art Museum, Fundación SGAE (Spanish Society of Authors and Publishers) and the Council of Fuenlabrada, announces the EUROPEAN WORKSHOP ON VIDEO DANCE CREATION, which will take place from May 26th to 31st, 2014 in the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía and the “Alicia Alonso” Higher Dance Institute, Fuenlabrada Campus, Madrid.

Application Requirements:

The official languages will be Spanish and English.

There are two proposals for the workshop. On the one hand, video creators will have the possibility to work on a video dance project of no more than three minutes with the help of European renowned experts who will give lessons about the development of scripts and the production and post production process regarding video creation. The participants will have a bank of musics not subject to commercial exploitation, given by the SGAE foundation for this project.

On the other hand, there is a second proposal for the audiovisual recording of choreographies. To achieve this, the professionals of the dance field which take part in the workshop will have a stage technical staff to support the recording of these audiovisual works. This route will have the support of European specialists with great experience that will serve as tutors in the production of the projects as well as give lessons about the process of recording and the postproduction. The resulting works will not exceed three minutes.

The selection process is based on two premises given by the characteristics of the participants:

Firstly, the creators of video dance. In this case, their participation will be based on an assessment of their professional career through the presentation of a curriculum vitae and an audiovisual sample of one of the works they have undertaken with a maximum duration of three minutes. The next element to be taken into account will be the characteristics of the project which the applicant proposes to carry out during the workshop. All proposals shall take into account that the recordings will be made in high- definition and must be adjusted to television formats.

Secondly, the workshop envisages the participation of other creative professionals from the performing arts, such as: choreographers, teachers, directors of dance shows, producers, etc. who wish to gain a deeper insight into the techniques of audiovisual records of stage projects to think about their preservation and dissemination. The selection process will therefore positively value the professional career of the applicant through his/her curriculum vitae, and audiovisual sample of his/her work of no longer than three minutes must be attached. All proposals shall take into account that the recording will be made in high-definition and must be adjusted to television formats.

In case of the application is selected, a registration fee of 120 euros per person must be paid. The Organiser of the workshop will pay accommodation and living expenses during the participant’s stay. It will not pay the participant’s travel costs.

The project has one General Technical Coordinator and six teachers/tutors from the production teams as well as technical support personnel. The creators will have access to a musical background, which will be optional, with the authorisations from their creators for specific use in this project (i.e. synchronisation with a video, music not subject to commercial exploitation or publishing rights, etc.). The authors will be Spanish and the music base will be provided by the Fundación SGAE (General Society of Authors and Editors). In case of using this bank of musics, the creator must indicate the appropriate name of the musical work and composer/s in the credits.

In case another music is used, the creator must submit proper authorisation from the composer for using these musical tracks.

The selected applicants will also have access to the following infrastructures: three TV and cinema sets, six editing cubicles with AVID editing software with editors, six Dance Studios and other open spaces in the university campus. They will also have twelve high-definition cameras with camera operators and lighting material.

The creators will also be able to select the dancers who will participate in their projects from among the professionals studying higher dance education in the different disciplines taught in the Centre (contemporary dance, Spanish dance, physical theatre of movement and classical dance).

A total of 24 projects will be selected in the second fortnight of March (twelve will be for the video dance route and twelve for the audiovisual recording itinerary). The result will be published April 1st, 2014 on and


This announcement is aimed to video creators and choreographers with video skills.


Applicants may submit between 1 and a maximum of 3 projects in which they will provide details of the activity and needs. A total of 24 projects will be chosen for the video dance workshop by a panel made up of 7 members who will evaluate the proposals. The selected participants will be informed by email and their names published on and as from April 1st, 2014. The duration of the projects may not exceed three minutes.

Authorisation and assignment of rights:

By the act of making an application, the selected participants authorise the “Alicia Alonso” Higher Dance Institute and the collaborators of the “European Video Dance Heritage” project to exhibit the works, assigning the rights necessary for public reproduction and communication of such works. The works created by the participants will be made public at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía May 31st, 2014 and will continue to be exhibit during one week. After this time the works will be handed over by the Fundacion Alicia Alonso and posted on and by the Maison de la Danse. The project partners also may diffuse them on their festivals.


The applications will be submitted at and must contain the following documentation:

– Duly completed application form

– The Participant’s CV

– Project proposal in a .doc or .pdf document or in a multimedia format with a private link to Vimeo. Applicants intending to submit more than one proposal must send each proposal separately.

Submission of applications and deadline:

The application form will be available on the website of the “Alicia Alonso” Higher Dance Institute, and

The “Alicia Alonso” Higher Dance Institute will acknowledge receipt of all applications.

The period for submitting applications will start following publication of the announcement and will be held open until March 22th, 2014. Applications received after the deadline will be rejected unless there is a deadline extension.

Candidates selected to take part in the workshop may apply to the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw for a subsidy to cover part of the registration fee and travel costs. The institute will award subsidies to a maximum of two participants. To apply, please send a cover letter and cost calculation to within 7 days of being informed about the results of the call.

Detailed information

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