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The Baltic Neopolis Orchestra in association with Trafostacja Sztuki in Szczecin are presenting the world premiere of EXKURS by Szymon Brzóska, in Kaya Kołodziejczyk’s choreography to take place on Friday, 2 August 2013 at 5 pm. While composing the piece, Szymon Brzóska took inspiration from the technique applied in spectral music. The piece’s essence lies in its novel approach to sound, its timbre and temporal aspect, and the transposition of the phenomenon of sound spectrum’s recurrence in space. The piece will be arranged for a string orchestra, wind instruments, percussion instruments and electronics. The duo of Brzóska and Kołodziejczyk use the mythical figure of Phoenix, symbol of the sun and endless revival. They explore territories for the viewer to experience – acoustically and visually – the birth of a new quality in art. We witness interlacing visual and plastic images, both of choreographic and musical nature, illustrating the comings and goings of motifs, which corresponds to the project’s multidisciplinary character. The composition is based on the coexistence of music and movement either on one or many levels, with the two elements complementing each other while retaining their independence and uniqueness in the space they share. Both realities – the musical and the choreographic one – are juxtaposed as contrasting entities which nevertheless gravitate to merge with one another. One results from the other and vice versa; penetrating one another they create a new aesthetic quality.

Trafostacja Sztuki TRAFO in Szczecin is the first centre of contemporary art in north-western Poland.Under its Artist-in-Residence programme, TRAFO creates a non-conventional space for artists to live andwork in watched by the audience.The Baltic Neopolis Orchestra is a chamber orchestra based in Szczecin. The ensemble’s repertoireembraces a wide collection of pieces, yet its main focus is the Polish music of the 20th and 21st centuries.The orchestra was founded in 2008 by Szczecin’s young artists who now constitute its core. Theensemble’s openness to take up non-conventional artistic projects is what constitutes its originality andattractiveness. The orchestra has been collaborating with a range of recognised artists and composers, suchas Bartłomiej Nizioł, Tomasz Tomaszewski, Jan Stanienda, Piotr Wojtasik, Anna Maria Staśkiewicz, PawełKotla, Jola Szczepaniak, Paweł Łukaszewski, Piotr Moss, Janusz Stalmierski, Piotr Klimek, or MichałWróblewski.

The Baltic Neopolis Orchestra receives continuous financing from the city of Szczecin andthe regional authorities of the province of Zachodniopomorskie.

Choreography: Kaya Kołodziejczyk

Music: Szymon Brzóska

Performed by: Baltic Neopolis Orchestra

Dancers: Ilona Gumowska, Aniela Kokosza, Wojciech Chowaniec, Michał Pawłowski, Paulina Nowicka,Elżbieta Jędruczyk, Agata Łaniewska, Tomasz Koszański, Maks Pawłowski, Karolina Dembowska

The project was realised under the programme Collection – composing commissions of the Institute ofMusic and Dance in Warsaw.

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