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The International Dance Theatres Festival ?OPEN STAGE? is a periodic event, whose 6th edition will present dance theatre in a rich context of the Polish and world culture. It gathers both esteemed and innovative groups and artists from all over the world, in such a way promoting the achievements of dance theatre. The programme of the 6th Open Stage, taking place from 7 to 29 October 2016, includes performances of world-renowned Polish and foreign choreographers. This year, the Festival is hosting dancers from Beijing Dance/LDTX Theatre (China), Compagnie Hervé Koubi (France), Kielce Dance Theatre, Polish National Ballet.


Moreover, the programme also offers:


 – a choreographic competition SOURCE OF THE DANCE presenting professionals and novices, enabling the winners to present their works during such events as Lublin International Dance Theatre Meeting and Zawirowania Dance Theatre Festival in Warsaw.                                                                    


 – HOME STAGE exhibition                                                                    


OFF stage ? performances by talented artists of the young generation: Maciej Kuźmiński, Jakub Margosiak and Anna Mikuła.


The 6th International Dance Theatres Festival ?OPEN STAGE? is attempting to make the development of dance theatres more dynamic as the art that they present still has much smaller chance for development and winning new audiences. To achieve this goal, the Festival offers interdisciplinary events closely correlated with the subject of dance theatres. Creators from China, France and Poland are involved in the organisation of the Festival, which provides them with an opportunity to reflect on cultural identity through dance technique and expression. In the age of cultural migration, lack of openness and intercultural dialogue exacerbates social tensions. The Festival is a chance to develop an open approach towards reading cultural codes based on the awareness of one?s own identity and simultaneous respect towards other nations.


Open Stage is one of the most significant international events concerning the art of dance organised in the Małopolska region. Quoting Jacek Przybyłowicz, an internationally renowned choreographer: Every year in October, Mościce Art Centre becomes the European capital of world dance. This fact can be perceived as particularly significant when considering the fact that in the Małopolska region, there exists no major contemporary dance theatre and, thus, the Festival is the single opportunity of the audience to see, get to know and become entranced with internationally famous dancers and their works.


Five editions of the Festival to date have allowed for developing OPEN STAGE brand, which is now known in: Israel, Senegal, China, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Norway, France, Slovakia, the Czech Republic. As a result, many well-known groups from those countries apply for participation in this event. The Festival has also created a strong network of cooperation both with foreign and Polish theatres, as well as embassies and important Polish cultural institutions.


The main premise of Open Stage programme distinguishes it from other Polish festivals of dance theatres: mainly major performances involving large groups of people are staged during the Festival, presented by both Polish and foreign guests.


The ambassadors of the 6th International Dance Theatres Festival ?OPEN STAGE? are Jacek Przybyłowicz and Witold Jurewicz.






International Dance Theatres Festival ?OPEN STAGE? is financed by the Małopolska province and co-financed by the City of Tarnów.


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